RE Business Solutions is a Lexmark Diamond Edge partner. This level provides the highest level of program benefits to the top IT Resellers. What this means to you our customer, you have access to a full range of value-added solutions and dedicated face-to-face sales support.

Lexmark International, Inc. provides businesses of all sizes with a broad range of printing and imaging products, software, solutions and services that help customers to print less and save more. Perceptive Software, a stand-alone software business within Lexmark, is a leading provider of enterprise content management software that helps organizations easily manage the entire lifecycle of their documents and content, simplifying their business processes, and fueling greater operational efficiency.

Software & Solutions

When you pair award-winning Lexmark hardware and innovative solutions software, the combination is extremely powerful. You’ll unleash greater efficiency and productivity, accelerate paper and energy savings, and reap the benefits of streamlined workflows.

Device Based Solutions

This includes applications based on the Lexmark Embedded Solution Framework. This is a Java-based engine resident in each device with the ability to run self-contained and web-connected applications. These device-based applications provide Lexmark customers with the opportunity to streamline paper-based workflows without the cost and support associated with server-based solutions. Lexmark Device-based Solutions includes: Scan to Sharepoint, Scan to Network Premium, Downtime Reports, Fax Over IP, and many other applications.

Lexmark devices feature the Lexmark Embedded Solution Framework (eSF), a platform that allows applications to run directly on the device, eliminating the challenges of managing server-based applications.

Solutions are divided into the following categories:

  • Store & Retrieve – Solutions delivering print-on-demand capabilities at the eTask panel of device
  • Tracking & Accounting – Tools for loading authorized users and tracking page usage at the device
  • Tools & Framework – Applications for configuring shortcuts or templates to support other solutions
  • Copy, Print, & Fax – Applications supporting specialized paper-oriented functionality
  • Capture & Route – Workflow solutions for distributed document capture and routing to specific locations
  • Communicate & Personalize – Tools that allow the Lexmark eTask interface to be customized for a specific purpose
  • Management & Controls – Application for configuring device behavior
  • Bundled Offerings – Applications, backgrounds and icon images grouped for applicability by industry
  • Security & Authentication – Tools for managing LDAP authorizations at the Lexmark MFP
  • Accessibility & Usability – Solutions for ADA compliance and convenience

Advanced Software Solutions

Lexmark Advanced Solutions offer complete workflow, server and cloud based integration for your most demanding customer environments. Start by engaging your RE Business Solutions Sales Representative and review an opportunity checklist. From there, we’ll scope and accurately size the appropriate implementation plan for an assisted Lexmark solutions project.