As hospitals and healthcare providers continue to navigate the transition to electronic records, the ability to streamline processes and improve communication is yet another opportunity to improve operational efficiency and, most importantly, quality of care.

As healthcare consumers, we all agree that we don’t just need more information; we need the right information at the right time. The same is true for healthcare executives who oversee the health of their organization’s output fleet. They don’t need more information-they need precise information analyzed against industry benchmarks for critical insight.

RE Business Solutions has a totally different way of thinking about managed print. Typically, the basic aim of most programs is device consolidation and click charges. Our approach commits to a much higher level of engagement—and benefits.

Once your infrastructure is optimized—with devices running at high service levels and consumables under efficient management—our focus turns to ways you can leverage the inherent potential of your output fleet to achieve higher performance and productivity across your hospitals, clinics and departments.

We apply our deep expertise, extensive enterprise experience and strategic technology portfolio to help healthcare providers tackle the difficult issues of connecting people, processes and information across their clinical and business operations. Our focus extends beyond advanced print management and takes aim at the growth in unstructured document and content that contributes to unnecessary costs and delays in the delivery of high-quality care.

Our powerful process and content management solutions for healthcare bridge the content gaps in your systems, providing you the visibility and control to improve clinical outcomes, drive financial performance and achieve operational excellence.