Ricoh offers a complete line of network-capable printers that print in black & white, color, or both. Ricoh multifunction printers offer scanning, fax and copier options as well as advanced finishing capabilities. From small offices to centralized production printing environments, Ricoh printers enhance your productivity.

Discover the value of high-quality printing in an ultra-small design

Your space is limited — but your printer doesn’t have to be. The lightweight RICOH Aficio SP 100 e is a monochrome printer that delivers crisp, professional looking output for users in the smallest workspaces, with the slimmest budgets. With its incredibly thin design, it can be placed virtually anywhere to print general office documents, including letters, spreadsheets and reports quickly and cost-effectively. It’s an affordable system that offers an economical cost-per-page for immediate and long-lasting savings

Add color, reduce expenses

One size does fit all. Whether your workgroup is large or small, the RICOH Aficio SP C242DN color laser printer can meet your specific color output requirements, improve productivity and reduce total cost of ownership. This innovative color laser printer streamlines workflow with a host of standard features that simplify administrative and maintenance tasks. Its compact size and user-friendly controls are ideal for any organization that values space as well as its bottom line. It even uses less power than other printers in its class. Choose the Ricoh Aficio SP C242DN as your office’s workhorse printer or incorporate it as part of an integrated Managed Document Service (MDS) strategy and improve efficiency.

Powerful performance for productive color printing

Attention-grabbing color doesn’t have to come at a price. With the new RICOH® Aficio® GX e7700N printer, budget-conscious workgroups can introduce high-quality color output to existing workflows without compromising speed, efficiency or the budget. Designed with innovative GELJET™ hybrid laser and inkjet technology, this innovative 11″ x 17″ color printer offers unprecedented convenience and affordability for full-color printing in a variety of low-volume environments. For about the same cost-per-page as black-and-white prints, users can create bold business-quality documents on demand quickly to improve productivity and maintain a low total cost of ownership.


Schools today use intricate networks of technology to make information easily accessible. With more students and faculty using mobile devices such as tablets, laptops – even smart phones, adding printing technology to support these products can be a huge undertaking.

Ricoh HotSpot Printing makes it easy for your school district or campus to help students and faculty stay productive in any situation.


Districts across the nation provide students and faculty tablets to run school based programs and manage their school work – from anywhere. Why not enhance the work flow and provide printing – from anywhere? Students in home room can send a research paper to print on a HotSpot device in the library. A secure release code lets them access their documents from the cloud and print whenever they want.

  • Secure, yet No need for network access or authentication
  • Reduce the amount of prints left at the printer.
  • Whom else benefit: visitors (ex: PTA, evening classes, board rooms), traveling Staff.


Colleges and universities with their campuses spread across multiple buildings benefit from having a HotSpot product at each location. Using their own mobile device, students are not required to download print drivers, No IT involvement is needed, and prints can be tracked by cost recovery systems, such as Equitrac and Pharos.


The things we do today with a smarthphone or tablet are what we could only imagine 10 years ago. Now that we have these devices, why are you still dreaming of a way to print from them?

Start doing with Ricoh HotSpot Printing technology – on the go, wherever you go!

Traveling for business or just going to an event? Email documents or tickets to one of the many Ricoh HotSpot Printers located in hotels across the country and grab your prints when you check in.

You’re already high above the clouds, keep your documents there until you land. Use a unique secure release code to access your prints from the cloud to print to a HotSpot device located in many airlines’ club lounges.

Wherever you are, wherever you are going, it’s never a concern. Use the Ricoh HotSpot Printing app to find a HotSpot Printer only minutes from you current location. This app makes it easy to search, locate and print directly from a smartphone or tablet.*


Advances in technology have changed the corporate environment dramatically. Today’s workforce is no longer sedentary, but always on the go. They work 24/7 with their Smartphone’s and tablets as their business connection. Today, corporations need to adopt new ways in which workers are given the flexibility to access their document workflow through their mobile devices.

Ricoh HotSpot Printing provides visitors and employees with the convenience of printing from their mobile device of choice without the hassle of involving IT. Visitors can print easily and securely and travelling employees can access and print their documents in the cloud as they move between corporate locations. No need to have all print outs in hand before getting on the road. A Ricoh HotSpot Printer/MFP offers convenient, easy printing that is as simple to use as sending an email.


Hotel guests come from all walks of life. Whether they are traveling for business or pleasure, they all carry some form of mobile device. While many hotels’ business centers are equipped with printers that are connected directly to desktop PCs, this causes a problem when guests want to print from their laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Help solve the problem with Ricoh HotSpot Printing. Guests enjoy the privacy of their own rooms.  Why would they want to view and print personal documents and information where everyone can see? With a Ricoh HotSpot Printer/MFP in a lobby or meeting room, guests can print and access confidential documents from the cloud with a secure release code, anywhere, any time.

Best of all, guests no longer have to use clip drives or disconnect hotel cables and connect them to their laptops to print. Ricoh HotSpot Printing helps avoid potential network security risks for hotels and unwanted drivers or software being downloaded on guests’ devices.


Your healthcare facility has kept up with mobile technology to this point. Why not add the finishing touch? Let your staff and visitors enjoy the benefits of printing on the go with Ricoh HotSpot Printing.

Hospitals recognize most of their employees and visitors carry some type of mobile device.  Unfortunately, these devices are not connected to in-hospital networks, making it impossible to print.

Doctors on tight schedules need to print time-sensitive documents from their mobile devices at a moment’s notice.  Having a secure Ricoh HotSpot Printer/MFP in a nearby conference room or lobby saves valuable time.  Visitors also need to print. Being able to visit a loved one without feeling that you are getting behind in work provides great piece of mind. Making available HotSpot Printing technology in your healthcare facility is an efficient and secure way to access and share documents.


Legal professionals greatly rely on mobile technology to help stay connected while on the go. In fact, the American Bar Association’s 2011 Legal Technology Survey Report states that 88 percent of lawyers use a smartphone for law-related tasks while away from the office*. Why slow them down with no way to print from a wireless laptop, smartphone or tablet?

Close the argument at your firm with Ricoh HotSpot Printing.  From mobile employees to visiting attorneys and consultants, the convenience of printing from a wireless device to a HotSpot Printer/MFP is critical in maintaining productivity amongst mobile legal professionals.

With client confidentiality and HIPPA laws, firms don’t give non-employees access to their network. Ricoh HotSpot Printing allows visitors an easy method of printing that does not compromise security. Hired attorneys and paralegals will also appreciate having 24/7 access to an office printer that provides a secure release code to print, ensuring no one else will see their documents.