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printer MNK925056
Monarch Model 1155 Pricemarker Two-Line Labeler - 1 Line(s) - 7 Characters per Line - Dark Gray

Single-line pricemarker features big, easy-to-read print on contrasting, bold fluorescent labels so prices jump off your product to catch customers' attention. Create promotional labels on the spot with underscored cents, multiple prices and unit pricing, including case, box and each. Print up to $9,999.99. Print is clear and concise. Both your customers and your associates can easily read the prices, helping to speed customers through the checkout line with increased accuracy.

printer MNK925073
Monarch One-Line Pricemarker Labelers - 1 Line(s) - 8 Characters per Line - Charcoal Gray

One-line labeler model prints up to eight characters per line with a patented no-mess inking system. Labeler holds up to 2,500 labels and offers drop-in loading so you spend less time loading your labeler and more time pricing. Maximum character height is 5mm. Labeler is easy to operate. Simply squeeze, release and apply. Labeler includes preloaded ink roller and label roll.

printer MEM32023947
Memorex CD/DVD LabelMaker Expert

The LabelMaker Expert is designed for an advanced user to create professional labels for discs, jewel cases, and DVD storage cases. Memorex's patented 3-in-1 label applicator with a lock down center piston, anti-curling tabs, and rubber anti-slippage feet, will ensure perfectly labeled discs every time.

printer DYM1733013
Dymo LT-100T LetraTag Plus Labelmaker - Direct Thermal - Label, Tape - 0.50" x 13 ft, 0.50" x 78" - Battery - 4 Batteries Supported - AA - Alkaline - Silver - Handheld - QWERTY, AZERTY, Auto Power Off, Date Function

Personal Label Maker LetraTag Plus LT-100T is ideal for the home or small office. The computer keyboard design is easy to use with navigation buttons that allow quick access to advanced features like multiple font styles, text sizing, date stamping and more. Unique graphical display allows you to see bold, italic, underlined and other text effects on screen before you print. Print on a variety of labels with different applications (paper, plastic, metallic, magnetic and iron-on). Compact label maker features a 13-character LCD screen, two-line printing, five font sizes, seven print styles, eight box styles and underline, 195 symbols, nine label memory, date stamp, auto-off power saver and three language options (English, French, Spanish). Direct thermal-print technology requires no ribbons, ink or toner cartridges. Uses 1/2" LetraTag LT Label refills. Label printer includes two 1/2" label cassettes (one paper, one plastic) and runs on four AA batteries (not included).

printer BRTPTH500LI
Brother PTH500LI Rechargeable Labelmaker - Thermal Transfer - Label, Tape - 0.14", 0.25", 0.38", 0.50", 0.75", 1" - LCD Screen - Battery, Power Adapter - 6 Batteries Supported - AA - Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - Mac, PC - QWERTY, Print Preview, Repeat Printing - for Home, Office

For powerful, take-it-anywhere labeling, the PT-H500LI Handheld Labeler offers PC connectivity and intuitive one-touch keys to quickly create extra-wide, long-lasting, laminated labels indoors or outdoors. Preview your work on the extra-large, Vivid Bright display that allows labeling in almost any lighting situation. Display is 15 characters x 3 lines. Connect to a PC/Mac and print with PTouch Editor software. Keyboard-style layout enables easy and accurate typing. Print multiple lines of text and graphics fast with your choice of a variety of fonts, symbols or frames to create custom, personalized labels and bar codes. You can print labels up to 24mm wide with large crisp text up to 42 point. PT-H500LI is compatible with durable, TZe series tapes - great for indoor applications or harsher environments such as outdoors. Handheld labeler also includes cutter, the rechargeable Li-ion battery necessary for operation, AC adapter/charger, USB cable, and starter tape.

printer BRTPT1960
Brother PT-1960 PC Ready Labeler for Small Workgroups - Thermal Transfer - 0.39 in/s Mono - 180 dpi - Label, Tape - 0.24", 0.35", 0.47", 0.71" - Power Adapter, Battery - 6 Batteries Supported - AA - Dark Blue, Silver - PC - Label Length Setting, Mirror Printing, Vertical Printing, QWERTY, Auto-cutter, Auto-format, Barcode Printing

The PT-1960 is a "USB Ready" deluxe desktop labeling system. With the PT-1960, you can print laminated labels from 6mm to 18mm wide, created via either the built-in keyboard or your PC. It comes with an AC adapter, USB cable and durable carry case for protecting the unit and storing/organizing tapes.

printer BRTPT90
Brother PT-90 Label Maker - 0.30 in/s Mono - 203 dpi - Label - Vertical Printing

PT-90 Personal Labeler offers three changeable faceplates to personalize the labeler and up to eight patterns for your labeling applications in Deco Mode. Handheld labeler features a compact design with an easy-view, 12-character LCD screen and typewriter-style keyboard. Print nonlaminated labels in 3/8" and 1/2" widths. Maximum height is 7mm. Print up to nine copies of the same label. Easily design labels with one or two lines of text using one of the nine type styles, 173 symbols or seven framing options. Labeler includes one black-on-white "M" starter tape and operates on four AAA batteries (sold separately).

printer DYM1835374
Dymo Rhino 4200 Soft Case Labelmaker Kit - Label, Tape - 0.25", 0.37", 0.50", 0.75" - Battery - Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - Battery Included - Yellow - QWERTY, Barcode Printing - for Factory, Industry

Label maker kit is specifically designed for tough environments and specific labeling requirements. Whether using heat-shrink tubing, creating a fixed length label with a bar code (Code 39 or 128), or wrapping a cable with flexible-nylon tape, this machine is ideal for facilities maintenance and PRO/AV installers. Rhino Industrial 4200 with Case Includes Rhino 4200 label printer, protective soft carrying case, rechargeable battery, AC adapter, 1/2" white vinyl tape and quick reference guide. Label printer features a familiar computer-style keyboard along with exclusive Hot Keys to quickly format for fixed-lengths, wire/cable wraps, flags, breakers and more. Print labels up to 3/4" wide in flexible nylon, permanent polyester, durable vinyl materials and heat-shrink tubes. Tape widths include 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4". Display offers up to 10 characters on one line.

printer BRTPT1650
Brother P-Touch PT1650 Label Printer - Thermal Transfer - 0.39 in/s Mono - 180 dpi - Label, Tape - 0.35", 0.47", 0.71", 0.94" - LCD Screen - Battery, Power Adapter - 6 Batteries Supported - AA - Alkaline - Battery Included - Charcoal - Handheld - PC - Vertical Printing, ABCD Keyboard, Mirror Printing, Rotational Printing, Auto-format, Manual Cutter, Barcode Printing

Durable and rugged handheld label printer uses new flexible ID tape and rotated print for cable wrapping and flagging, industrial strength laminated tapes for patch panel labeling and standard laminated tapes for faceplate labeling. Creates labels with graphics and bar codes from 1/4" to 1" wide. Download databases, custom templates and graphics. Label printer provides memory functions to store frequently used label designs, easy entry keyboard and large display for quick editing. Includes auto sizing, sequential numbering, repeat printing and vertical style for quick labeling. Auto power off feature helps save battery life. Handheld label printer is perfect for telecom/cabling, asset management, property management, manufacturing and general office use. Makes rotated, vertical and horizontal labels. Comes with extra strength and flexible ID "TZ" tapes, tape separator, batteries and carry case.

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