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printer RDL0909
Red Devil® Foam & Fill® Expanding Polyurethane Sealant

Fill in the gaps and cracks with this unique, expands-as-it-cures polyurethane sealant
Indoor/outdoor insulating foam forms an airtight, waterproof bond, sealing out drafts, moisture and pests
Aerosol delivery system ensures quick and easy application
For use on aluminum, clay, concrete, fiberglass and stone, as well as finished/painted and unfinished/unpainted wood
Type: Retaining/Gasketing Compound; Capacity (Volume): 12 oz; Color(s): Champagne; Packing Type: Aerosol.

printer DVC10260
Devcon® Bronze Putty (BR) 10260

Bronze-filled epoxy putty for repairing bronze and brass bushings, shafts, castings, and parts
Repairs and rebuilds areas where brazing would be undesirable or impossible
Bonds securely to bronze alloys, brass, copper, and ferrous metals
Uses conventional metalworking tools to machine, drill, tap, or grind
35-minute working time
Type: Pipe Putty/Tape; Capacity (Weight): 1 lb; Color(s): Bronze; Packing Type: Tube.

printer DVO95104861
Diversey™ JonCrete Superior Adhesion and Cure Seal

Single component system; no mixing required
Can be used as a cure seal and top coated with JonCreteTM/MC Concrete Sealers
Meets ASTM C309 requirements
Type: Concrete Sealer; Size: 5 gal; Capacity (Volume): 5 gal; Color(s): Milky White.

printer WHTWL099110C
White Lightning™ Silicone Sealant

Fill the void with a highly flexible, non-shrinking RTV sealant
Interior/exterior product possesses excellent adhesive properties, ensuring weathertight performance
Silicone provides outstanding moisture and mildew resistance
For use on ceramics, fiberglass, glass, metal, plastic and wood
Type: General Purpose; Capacity (Volume): 10 oz; Color(s): Clear; Packing Type: Cartridge.

printer RDL0816OI
Red Devil® RD PRO® Industrial-Grade RTV Sealant 0816/OI

High performance sealing and glazing compound that is ideal for use in most OEM and maintenance applications
Forms a strong, durable and weather-resistant seal and provides excellent adhesion to most non-porous surfaces
Solvent clean up
Type: Retaining/Gasketing Compound; Capacity (Volume): 10.1 oz; Color(s): White; Packing Type: Cartridge.

printer LOC26241
Loctite® 262™ Threadlocker, Medium to High Strength 26241

A permanent threadlocker for fasteners up to 3/4" in diameter
High lubrication for easy assembly
Excellent for preventing rust and corrosion in extreme chemical/environmental conditions
Type: Thread Seal; Capacity (Volume): 250 mL; Color(s): Red; Packing Type: Bottle.

printer DVC80003
Permatex® Form-A-Gasket® Sealant 80003

Reliable paste-like gasket sealant/dressing/coating
Recommended for rigid, permanent assemblies
Resistant to gasoline and other solvents
Type: Retaining/Gasketing Compound; Capacity (Volume): 11 oz; Packing Type: Tube.

printer JBW8277
J-B WELD Water Weld Compound 8277

WATERWELD can be applied under water: surfaces to be repaired do not need to be clean and dry
Simply cut off as much of the material as you need, twist and knead with your fingers until color is uniform with no streaks, apply immediately to surface to be repaired
Mushrooms through and around holes, grabbing the edges to hold securely, then hardening for a permanent seal
Type: Retaining/Gasketing Compound; Capacity (Weight): 3.2 oz; Packing Type: Tube.

printer LOC24205
Loctite® 242® Threadlocker, Medium-Strength 24205

A general purpose, removable threadlocker for fasteners between 1/4" and 3/4" diameters
Controlled lubricity for accurate clamp loads
Parts can be separated using hand tools
Type: Thread Seal; Capacity (Volume): 0.5 mL; Color(s): Blue; Packing Type: Capsule.

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