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printer ECOEPP016CT
Eco-Products® Sugarcane Dinnerware

Sturdy, upscale dinnerware is made entirely from sugarcane fibers
Microwave and freezer safe, grease- and cut-resistant
Strong dinnerware stands up to heavy meals—perfect for picnics
Dinnerware Type: Plate; Material(s): Sugarcane; Shape: Round; Diameter: 6".

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Chinet® Classic Paper Dinnerware

Find multiple uses for these versatile cut-resistant, disposable paper plates
In addition to being microwaveable, each plate is made from recycled fiber
Dinnerware Type: Plate; Material(s): Paper; Shape: Round; Diameter: 6 3/4".

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Tablemate® Plastic Dinnerware

Sturdy, disposable dinnerware is ideal for the office kitchen or breakroom
Dinnerware Type: Bowl; Material(s): Plastic; Capacity (Volume): 12 oz; Shape: Round.

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Dart® Insulated Foam Bowls

These bowls are made from sturdy, insulated foam
As a result, they maintain food at its proper temperature, keeping hot foods hot and delicious while keeping cold foods cool and refreshing
They are designed with a handy "spoonable" bottom, so that consumers can enjoy every last bit of their food
These bowls are perfect for soup, chili or ice cream
Dinnerware Type: Bowl; Material(s): Foam; Capacity (Volume): 12 oz; Shape: Round.

printer WNADWP75180BK
WNA Designerware™ Plastic Dinnerware

Lovely etched plastic dinnerware is made from heavyweight, durable material
Traditional floral etching brings an upscale feel to any event
Designed to complement any food presentation
Provides the beauty of glass with the ease of a disposable
Dinnerware Type: Plate; Material(s): Plastic; Shape: Round; Diameter: 7 1/2".

printer SVAP009CT
NatureHouse® Sugarcane Dinnerware

Try something different with this compostable sugarcane bagasse dinnerware made from the fiber left over after sugar is extracted from the sugarcane plant
Compostable in a commercial facility within 30 - 90 days depending on the conditions of the compost pile
Most cost effective replacement for styrofoam, plastic or paper plates or bowls, cut- and grease-resistant, microwaveable and freezer safe
Dinnerware Type: Plate; Material(s): Sugarcane Bagasse; Shape: Oval; Diameter: 6 1/2".

printer SCC30BWHSS
Dart® Silent Service™ Heavy Foam Dinnerware

Sturdy, laminated foam dinnerware provides durability and leak resistance
Heavy polystyrene foam is cut resistant
Insulated to keep hot foods hot and cold foods chilled
Stands up to steak, potatoes and other heavy foods
An ideal replacement for permanent dinnerware when convenience is a priority
Dinnerware Type: Bowl; Material(s): Foam; Capacity (Volume): 30 oz; Shape: Round.

printer DXEDBP09W
Dixie Basic™ Paper Dinnerware

Sturdy paper dinnerware provides a smart alternative to polystyrene foam--perfect for lightweight meals
Strong, cut-resistant, and microwaveable dinnerware provides a reliable option for when you don't feel like dealing with the mess of ceramic plates
Stackable dinnerware helps reduce storage space and makes transportation easy
Dinnerware Type: Plate; Material(s): Paper; Shape: Round; Diameter: 8.5".

printer SCCFSFB35
Dart® Basix® Foam Dinnerware

Sturdy, lightweight insulated dinnerware
Insulation helps maintain food temperatures, keeping hot food hot and cold food cool
Good rigidity ensures secure foodservice with very little bending
Non-absorbent foam dinnerware helps maintain flavor and texture of food
Dinnerware Type: Bowl; Material(s): Foam; Capacity (Volume): 3.5 oz; Shape: Round.

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