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printer MIICUR110163
Curad® Sterile Cotton Balls

For application of antiseptics and medications and to cleanse scratches, cuts or minor wounds
Recommended for single use
Number of Pieces: 130; Quantity: 130 per box; Description: 1" Sterile Cotton Balls.

printer JOJ002948
Johnson & Johnson® Pure Cotton Swabs

Just the right combination of softness and strength
Made with the #1 premium grade of cotton, they feel extra soft on delicate skin, making them ideal for beauty and baby care
The absorption and durability make them a great tool for various uses around the household
Specially shaped for children
Number of Pieces: 185; Quantity: 185 per pack; Description: Safety Swabs.

printer MIIMDS202000
Medline Cotton-Tipped Applicators

Cotton-tipped applicators
For single-patient use
Number of Pieces: 100; Quantity: 100 per box; Description: Cotton Swabs.

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