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printer MMMMMB312
3M™ High-Capacity Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom

Ideal for absorbing industrial fluids cleanly and efficiently
Made especially for non-aggressive fluids, they are lightweight yet long-lasting
Easily wraps around the base of equipment to help contain fluids that may leak or spill
Prevents spread of fluids to adjacent work areas
Provides increased fluid-holding capacity so less sorbent is used
UV-resistant, they will not deteriorate or disintegrate
Permits simple reclamation for recycling of valuable liquids and reuse of sorbent
Minimizes sorbent waste for disposal
Sorbents Type: Mini-Boom; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 3 gal per boom; Material Absorbed: Maintenance Fluids; Length: 12 ft.

printer SBDMRO300
SPC® MRO Plus™ Sorbent Pads

Keep it covered: Cut off messes before they spread
Universal-task format absorbs and traps water-, petroleum- and chemical-based fluids
Nearly lint-free, three-ply construction ensures top-shelf performance, strength and durability
Dimpled surface enhances liquid retention
Sorbents Type: Pad; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 0.205 gal; Material Absorbed: Chemicals; Oil; Petroleum; Water; Length: 19 in.

printer MMM07172
3M™ High-Capacity Maintenance Folded Sorbent

This high capacity maintenance sorbent pad has a lofty design and scrim on one side to increase strength and help reduce linting
Versatile format allows it to be used as a boom, pillow, pad or roll
It is dispensed from a carrying/dispenser box in the form of a continuous roll with perforations every 16 inches allowing you to select the desired length
Each perforated sheet unfolds to approximately 18" x 16"
For use on most non-aggressive liquids
Applications range from maintenance to spill response
Sorbents Type: Roll; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 10 1/2 gal; Material Absorbed: Coolants; Water-Soluble Oils; Length: 50 ft.

printer SHGSS2B
SPHAG SORB Industrial AbSorbent SS-2B

Absorbs fuels, organic chemicals, paints, glycol and more
Super absorbent and nontoxic
Sorbents Type: Particulates; Material Absorbed: Organic Chemicals; Paint; Petroleum; Oil; Capacity (Weight): 25 lbs; Color(s): Gray.

printer MOL8440PL
Thrifty-Sorb® All-Purpose Clay Absorbent

Reliable sorbent is an ideal choice for cleaning tough messes in high traffic areas
Composed of larger, coarse granules, sorbent provides continuous, efficient absorption with less breakdown
Maintains superior traction in areas where spills have been absorbed
All natural minerals—no chemical additives
Won't damage asphalt, cement or tile surfaces
Sorbents Type: Particulates; Material Absorbed: Non-Aggressive, Non-Caustic Fluids; Capacity (Weight): 40 lbs.; Color(s): Clay.

printer BCGGS1
GreenSorb™ Sorbent

Creates a cleaner, safer workplace
Absorbs up to seven times more than ordinary clay absorbents
Safe for blood, vomit and industrial liquids except hydrofluoric acid
Non-leaching and all-natural
Great for a variety of retail, municipal, public and private environments
Sorbents Type: Particulate; Material Absorbed: All liquids except Hydrofluoric Acid; Capacity (Weight): 1 lb; Color(s): Tan.

printer MMMMRL15150DD
3M™ High-Capacity Maintenance Sorbent Roll

Designed to cover large surfaces or cut to fit tight corners, the sorbent roll is Ideal for absorbing non-aggressive industrial fluids cleanly and efficiently
Lightweight, long-lasting and dust free with a low-profile design
Sorbent rolls offer the versatility of cut-for-use in small areas or lay full size to cover large areas
Use also as a preventative where spills may occur, to line drawers, cover work benches, wipe down oily tools and equipment or mask larger areas from mists and oversprays
Sorbents Type: Roll; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 31 gal; Material Absorbed: Maintenance Fluids; Length: 150 ft.

printer SBDUXT100
SPC® UXT™ Universal "X-tra Tough" Sorbent UXT100

Abrasion resistant and nonabrasive
Highly effective against oils, acids, solvents, bases, chemicals, coolants and antifreeze
Non-woven structure on both sides and a low-linting meltblown core
Is significantly stronger than ordinary meltblown polypropylene and remains intact even when saturated
Full size, heavy weight perfed
Sorbents Type: Pads; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 24.3 oz; Material Absorbed: Acids; Bases; Chemicals; Coolants; Petroleum; Oil; Solvents; Water; Length: 19".

printer SBDBM30
SPC® Battlemat™ Sorbent BM30

BM soaks up oil, water, coolants, solvents, acids and bases
Perfect as walk-on mats or single use absorbents in manufacturing plants and similar environments
Durable-abrasion resistant upper layer draws moisture into bottom layer and makes BattleMat the floor mat of choice whenever there is over-spray or heavy traffic
Camouflage pattern masks drips and spills
Heavy weight, double perfed
Sorbents Type: Pad; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 52 gal; Material Absorbed: Chemicals; Petroleum; Oil; Water; Length: 150 ft.

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