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printer IMPLFCB60
Microfiber Technologies Microfiber Pads - Fringe Dry/Dust Mop - 5" Width x 60" Length - MicroFiber
  • have all the benefits of microfiber without having to replace standard frames and handles
  • cut-end microfiber with fringe to pick up larger particles of dust and trash
  • poly/canvas backed microfiber mops attract and hold dust that cotton mops leave behind
  • canvas backing is color coded by size - yellow 18 inch, green 24 inch red 36 inch, blue 48 inch, and gray 60 inch & 72 inch
  • the mop attracts dust electrostatically and requires no treatment
  • envelope style backing eliminates problems created by ties or snaps while still using traditional 5" dust mop frames
  • extra padding in the mop allows for complete surface contact
printer GJO47536CT
Genuine Joe Micro Fiber Dust Mop - MicroFiber

Micro Fiber Dust Mop fits a standard, dust mop frame and handle. Poly/canvas-backed microfiber mops attract and hold dust that cotton mops leave behind. Envelope-style backing eliminates problems created by ties or snaps. Extra padding in mop allows complete surface contact. The mop attracts dust electrostatically and requires no treatment. 100 percent microfiber fringe picks up larger particles of dust and trash.

printer IMP736
Impact Products Metal Gear Down Pressure Wringers
  • eccentric gearing system forces pressure pads striaght down on the mop for easy, no splashing wringing
  • electroplated to prevent rusting
  • replacement part# 25024
  • replacement part# 25027
printer GJO5401BLNB
Genuine Joe Synthetic Blend Small Mophead - Synthetic Fiber

Small mophead with a narrow headband is ideal for general cleaning and disinfecting. Synthetic blend fibers (rayon and cotton) absorb six to seven times its weight. Mop offers a limited break-in period so you can start mopping sooner. Looped ends provide greater durability and launderability.

printer IMPS12124
Impact Products Cotton Saddle-Type Cut-End Wet Mop - Cotton
  • narrow headband construction
  • not recommended for laundering
printer IMP26353B
Impact Products 26/35 Quart Bucket with 3" Casters - 35 quart - Polyethylene - Blue
  • provides large mop target area
  • molded from structural foam polyethylene for durability and corrosion resistance
  • molded-in liter and gallon graduation marks
  • single bail allows heavy loads to be lifted
  • wringers can be mounted from either side of bucket
  • unique inboard caster configuration keeps bucket from marring walls or collecting dirt in and around side struts
  • 3" casters
  • replacement part# 2055255
  • replacement part# 2041629
  • replacement part# 3333666
printer RCPD25206BE
Rubbermaid Commercial 5" Headband Medium Blend Mop - Cotton, Synthetic Yarn

Super Stitch Blend Mop with 5" headband outperforms and outlasts premium cut-end mops two to one. Balanced blend of four-ply cotton and synthetic yarns provides high absorbency and strength. Synthetic mesh headband prohibits moisture-retention for longer product life. Looped ends and yarn tailband mop deliver greater floor coverage. The looped end provides the ultimate durability and like-new launderability. Mophead should be used with clamp-style handles (sold separately).

printer MMM2000CT
Scotch-Brite -Brite Stainless Steel Safe Power Pads - 5.5" Width x 3.9" Depth - 60/Carton - Synthetic Fiber - Blue

Power pad scours up to four times faster than conventional scouring products. It offers scouring power for the toughest cleaning jobs yet is gentle enough to use on most surfaces, including stainless steel. Scouring pad is six to 10 times less abrasive than other conventional scouring pads. Durable synthetic fibers are crimped and heat-set to create a strong web. Unique soil-removing particles are evenly distributed throughout the pad to ensure effective, consistent scouring, and lasting performance throughout the life of the pad. High-quality bonding resin system is designed to provide resistance to degradation from exposure to hot water, detergents and normal cleaning liquids.

printer IMP51216
Layflat Screw-Type Cut-End Nylon Finish Master Mop Head - Nylon Special Features of Layflat Floating head efficiency -- with Layflat screw type mops, the handle can be partially unscrewed from the mop head. This allows the head to be free floating as opposed to the rigid, heavy handled, conventional systems. Cleaning professionals readily appreciate the ease with which these heads float across the surface. Clean and quick, the Layflat screw-type mop is a contamination fighter. The step-on method is four times faster than changing conventional mop/handles. There is no need to ever touch the contaminated head with your hands. Quality yarns -- Layflat screw-type mop heads are available in graduated sizes and four different yarn types. All Layflat brand yarns are Grade 1, specifically produced to stringent standards. our uniformity of quality allows for specific standards to be written around our products. This assures your continued equity in our products. Sized by the ounce, Layflat brand screw-type mops are guaranteed to within 1/2 ounce. As compared to the typical numbered conventional mop, we supply 20 percent more absorbency and 20 percent more efficient labor. No-tangle option -- feature a sewn band across the bottom of the mop. Provides for greater control with less tangling, longer life an loose strings. This feature is a must for machine washing.
  • the ultimate for applying floor finish
  • continous filament yarn produces lint free finishing
  • non-absorbent fibers allow greater recovery of finish, increased release, greater coverage and fewer trips to the bucket
  • no drag when laying floor finish
  • 16 oz size for less user fatigue
  • extremely easy clean-up in clear water
  • recommended for laundering
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