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printer LIC1134
LINCOLN® Pistol Grip Heavy-Duty Grease Gun 1134

Jam-proof handle return mechanism
Rugged one piece head casting
Follower is set for cartridge use
Style/Type: Pistol-Grip; Pressure: 7,5000 psi; Capacity (Volume): 16 oz; Cartridge Size: 14.5 oz.

printer RID72327
RIDGID® Oiler 72327

The 418's pump assembly and heavy-duty reservoir are designed to increase productivity
An ergonomic 2-finger trigger design that reduces user fatigue
Die cast heavy duty body with swivel nozzle with no exposed parts for longer life
Convenient anti-slip grip design with integral hook for easy hanging
The 418 oiler features a patent pending fastenerless twist lock drip pan that easily locks in place
The reservoir material withstands abrasion, is lighter than metal and does not rust
Style/Type: Pump Assembly; Hose/Nozzle Length: 54; Power Type: Manual; Weight: 2 1/4 lbs.

printer LIC1244
LINCOLN® PowerLuber® Grease Gun 1244

Rechargable battery operated grease gun
The most advanced grease gun ever created
Pressure relief valve identifies blocked fittings
Lightweight, ergonomic, easy "pull the trigger" lubrication
Style/Type: Pistol-Grip; Pressure: 6,000 psi; Power Type: 12 V Battery; Weight: 17.94 lbs.

printer LIC1148
LINCOLN® Lever Type Heavy-Duty Grease Gun 1148

Comes with handle grip and vent valve for purging air from gun
It's designed for rough treatment on the job with a cast iron pump head, precision fit plunger and extra heavy follower spring
Variable stroke/variable pressure: short stroke-high pressure: long-stroke high volume
Follower is set for cartridge use
Style/Type: Lever; Capacity (Volume): 16 oz; Cartridge Size: 14.5 oz; Extension Type: Tube.

printer DTN606
Goldenrod® Pistol Pump Oiler 606

Steel-constructed container with powder-coated copper bronze finish
Flared bottom prevents tipping
Flexible spout
Style/Type: Pistol-Grip; Capacity (Volume): 6 oz; Extension Type: Flexible Spout; Hose/Nozzle Length: 6".

printer LIC1147
LINCOLN® Heavy-Duty Grease Gun

Variable-stroke, variable-pressure design enables precise feeding
Exclusive “Flip-Over" follower with heavy-duty spring ensures leak-free, positive priming
Precision-fit, hardened plunger and jam-proof toggle mechanism keep the pump action smooth and trouble-free by eliminating the potential for lube bypass and assembly binding
Vent valve allows you to release pressure, enabling disassembly-free cleaning
Style/Type: Lever; Pressure: 7,500 psi; Capacity (Volume): 16 oz; Cartridge Size: 14.5 oz.

printer PLE50337
Plews & Edelmann® Handled Oiler 50-337

Heavy duty, drawn steel bodies
Durable epoxy finish bodies resist rust
Zinc plated, detachable rigid and flex spouts
Rigid spouts have a ledge-cone machined tip to lift oil filler dust caps
Flex spouts detachable tip threaded 10-32 with closure cap
Hollow wire extensions available seperately for flex spouts
Style/Type: Pistol-Grip; Capacity (Volume): 1 pt; Extension Type: Flexible Spout; Hose/Nozzle Length: 9".

printer PLE05028
Plews & Edelmann® Grease Gun Accessory 05-028

Spring loaded ball check valve
For all hand operated lube equipment (not for power lubricating euqipment)
Style/Type: Coupler; Pressure: 3,000 psi; Power Type: Manual; For Use With: 1/8" NPT Thread.

printer DTN120A3
Goldenrod® Heavy-Duty Pump Oiler 120-A3

Built of heavy gauge steel that will stand up to rough use
Delivers either a drop or stream of fluid
Easy-to-use filler cap eliminates handling of messy pumps
Replaceable brass spout tip
Wrought iron spout
Copper bronze finish
Style/Type: Lever; Capacity (Volume): 1 qt; Hose/Nozzle Length: 15; Power Type: Manual.

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