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printer GOJ1275
GOJO® Flat-Top Gallon Soap Dispenser

For use with GOJO® Flat-Top Gallon Bottles (sold separately)
Easily attaches to wall with screws (included)
Durable plastic construction
Dispenser Type: For Liquids; Capacity (Volume): 1.000 gal; Color(s): Taupe; Material(s): Plastic.

printer GOJ527706
PROVON® FMX-20™ Soap Dispenser

Sleekly designed compact dispenser uses a large refill, helping to conserve space in small restrooms
Tested to survive in harsh environments
Uses mess-free, snap-in-place GOJO® SANITARY SEALED™ refill cartridges
High-capacity 2000-mL refills (sold separately) require less maintenance, making them an ideal choice for high traffic areas
Dispenser Type: Manual; Capacity (Volume): 2000 mL; Color(s): Gray/White; Material(s): Plastic.

printer TOC230210
Tolco Top PerFOAMer Foam Soap Dispenser

Convenient dispenser with a top-dispensing design allows easy access to soap without the risk of leaky valves
Handy, easy to use push bar dispensing
Easy to refill with bulk foam soap - no cartridges or messy bags to deal with
Attractive, textured surface hides fingerprints for a consistently neat appearance
Dispenser Type: Foam; Capacity (Volume): 32 oz; Holds: Bulk Soap; Color(s): Black.

printer GOJ850001
GOJO® CX™ Counter Mount Dispenser

High-quality system delivers rich, luxurious foam soap
GOJO NEAT DISPENSE™ design helps eliminate drips
Snap-in-place cartridges GOJ-8561-02 or GOJ-8565-02 (sold separately) make refilling quick and sanitary
Chrome finish complements most bathroom décor
Dispenser Type: For Liquids; Capacity (Volume): 1500 mL; Color(s): Chrome; Material(s): Chrome.

printer GOJ1990WHT12
GOJO® TRUE FIT™ Wall Plate

Mount new dispensers on the wall without repainting or new wallpaper
Easy-to-install wall plate makes dispenser set up easy
Universal Backplate simplifies dispenser mounting
Color(s): White; Mounting: Wall; For Use With: GOJO® LTX-12™ Dispensers; Width: 8 8/25".

printer GPC53057
Georgia Pacific® Professional Pacific Blue Ultra™ Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser

Convenient dispenser with durable design, holds sealed refills to help reduce the risk of contamination, making them more hygienic than open or bulk containers
Easy to maintain dispensers hold high capacity refills and are easy to load, using only one hand and taking only a few seconds
The large dispenser window allows for quick maintenance checks
The same dispenser can be used for soap, sanitizer or hair and body wash, for added versatility
Convenient, adjustable portion-controlled dispenser helps prevent waste
Dispenser is designed to ensure 99 percent of the foam product is emptied before replacement is needed
Designed to hold all our Pacific Blue Ultra™ soaps, sanitizers and washes (sold separately)
Dispenser Type: For Liquids; Capacity (Volume): 1200 mL; Holds: 1200 mL Refills of Soap, Sanitizer or Body Wash; Color(s): Black.

printer GOJ8712D4CT
GOJO® ADX-7™ Antibacterial Foam Handwash Kit

Small size 700 mL manual dispenser is ideal for tight spaces
Large sight window, skylight and crystal clear refill bottles make it easy to check fill status
High-performance antibacterial hand soap delivers luxurious lather and an appealing fragrance
Enriched with a moisturizer, natural extract and skin conditioner
Converts to a locking dispenser at any time by simply removing the key from inside the dispenser
Patent pending CONTROLLED COLLAPSE refill bottles hold their shape as they empty for a more attractive overall appearance
Dispenser Type: Liquid, Manual; Capacity (Volume): 700mL; Holds: 700mL Refill; Color(s): Brushed Chrome/Black.

printer GOJ138804
GOJO® LTX-7™ Dispenser

Compact design allows you to provide automatic-dispensing convenience even where space is tight
GOJO® Smart Electronics enable reliable and consistent operation, which in many cases completely eliminates the need to change batteries for the full lifespan of the unit
Large window and skylight simplifies product monitoring and refilling tasks
Dispenser Type: For Liquids/Foam; Capacity (Volume): 700 mL; Color(s): Chrome; Material(s): Plastic.

printer DIA09400
Dial® Professional Duo Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser Kit

Manual soap dispenser offers a time-saving distribution system that meets ADA guidelines, extending less than 4" from the wall
It's easy to use with a push-type lever that releases up to 0.7 ml
dosing per push (up to 1,785 hand washes)
Translucent backplate allows easy viewing of the soap level
Front, clear window identifies the kind of refill inside
The 1.25 L refill cartridges (sold separately) are easy to load and change out
Collapsing refill design reduces maintenance by 25 percent and minimizes waste
Kit comes with Dial Complete® Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Soap that provides effective germ-killing action to help stop the spread of infection
Its patented Activated Triclosan® Technology is effective against MRSA, VRE, streptococcus, E
coli and salmonella
Contains two refills and one dispenser
Dispenser Type: For Foam; Capacity (Volume): 1250 mL; Holds: 1250 mL Cartridge; Color(s): Smoke.

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