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printer GEM85T
Gem Office Products T-pins - 2" Length - 100 / Box - Nickel - Steel

T-Pins with 9/16" wide heads are a great solution for posting items to cork, fabric, wood and other surfaces. Each features a smooth T-bar head and sharp point and is made from high-quality steel with a nickel-plated finish for rust-resistance. T-Pin easily penetrates the toughest surfaces without bending. Excellent for holding papers to panel fabric.

printer AVT2675TW
Advantus 7-1/2" Tag Wire - 1000/Pack - Galvanized Steel - Metallic Silver

7-1/2" tag wire securely connects tags to your items. 26-gauge wire features a metallic silver design for a clean finish. Plus, these galvanized tag wires are strong and flexible for great all-around use.

printer BAUES8040
Baumgartens Golden Paper Clip - Jumbo - Jumbo - 40 / Box - Gold - Metal

Jumbo paper clips offer a brass-electroplated finish for an elegant appearance. Made of metal. Each No. 2 paper clip meets or exceeds standard for RoHS compliance for lead, mercury, bromine, chrome and cadmium.

printer ALL21409
Alliance Rubber 21409 Pale Crepe Gold Rubber Bands - Size #117B - 1/4 lb Box - Approx. 75 Bands - 7" x 1/8" - Golden Crepe

Alliance Rubber's Pale Crepe Gold rubber bands feature the softest stretch and the highest rubber content. A higher rubber content means a lighter band, greater stretchiness and increased longevity. You receive more bands per pound and can drop back a size for even more cost savings. They are a great general purpose band and are useful for a range of tasks around the home, office and workplace. The soft but durable hold makes these rubber bands ideal for use on pliable goods, so they're great for delicate items like food, paperwork, posters and valuable cards. The soft stretch of these rubber bands makes them ideal for repetitive tasks. They can help to minimize the stress put on the hands and wrists that can cause repetitive strain injuries in jobs that require banding. The reusable elastic bands can be used again and again while remaining strong and secure.

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printer ALL00159
Alliance Rubber 00159 Rubber Band Ball - 250 Advantage Rubber Bands Included - 2.5" Bands - 5 Colors - Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and White

Alliance's Rubber Band Ball made with Advantage rubber bands is a convenient and fun accessory for your home or office. Keep it in your desk drawer so you always have an elastic ready when you need it without cluttering your space with loose rubber bands. Great for a wide range of uses around the home and office, rubber bands are a reusable and flexible organization accessory. The ball is also great to use as a stress ball without the need to have another item taking up space on your desk. Squeeze the ball to help reduce stress and to relieve symptoms related to carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive strain. This rubber band ball includes 250 2.5" elastics that come in five colors, including white, yellow, red, blue and green. The color options are great for color-coding office items such as files, products and supplies. This rubber band ball makes a fun gift for office staff or to include in onboarding packages for new team members.

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printer TCR6154
Teacher Created Resources Slap Bracelet Assortment - Skill Learning: Correct Behavior

Slap bracelets feature a unique, coiling design to quickly wrap around wrists with ease. Sturdy metal interior maintains a secure fit to prevent bracelets from sliding off wrists. One-size-fits-all construction is designed to accommodate most wrist sizes. Bracelets are perfect for rewarding good behavior, building awareness for special events and more.

printer BAU29749
Baumgartens Colored Binder Clip Tub - Large - 1.3" Width - 12 / Display Box - Assorted - Metal

Tub display showcases Baumgartens Large Metallic Colored Binder Clips in assorted colors. Cookie-jar design is made of clear plastic and has an opening at the top for easy access. Eye-catching 1-1/4" binder clips are perfect for documents and folders. Each binder clip meets or exceeds standard for RoHS compliance for lead, mercury, bromine, chrome and cadmium. Tub display contains 12 packs of large binder clips with four in each bag.

printer BSN65639
Business Source Standard Paper Clips - Jumbo - 1000 / Pack - Silver - Steel

Paper clips feature an elliptical shape that allows lighter gauge wire to hold papers together as effectively as most heavier-gauge wire paper clips. Electrogalvanized steel of paper clips resists rust and corrosion.

printer OIC99706
OIC Looseleaf Book Rings - 3" Diameter - Silver - Metal - 10 / Box

Metal Loose-leaf Book Rings feature a precision design that ensures their easy opening and firm closure. Perfect for holding swatches, samples and bulky loose-leaf materials.

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