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printer MMF2004850C8
Steelmaster SteelMaster 4850 Bill Counter - 300 Bill Capacity - Counts 1200 bills/min - Black

SteelMaster 4850 Front-Loading Bill Counter is easy to operate, delivering high-speed, accurate counting and counterfeit detection. Anti-static protection minimizes feeding errors and jams. With a 300-bill hopper capacity, the machine counts 1,200 bills per minute (1,900 without counterfeit detection). It can run 24 hours continuously. Types of counterfeit detection include Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG) and Infrared (IR). Advanced counter also offers bill-size detection, auto start/stop, add and batch counting functions. Large backlit LCD is easy to read. Recessed handle allows easy transportation.

printer RSIRBC1002
Royal Sovereign Digital Cash Counter II - 125 Bill Capacity - Counts 1000 bills/min - Sorts 1000 bills/min - Blue, Gray

Digital cash counter offers UV and magnetic protection to detect counterfeit bills. Sensor controls allow precise counting. Holds 125 Bills. Sorts 1,000 bills per minute. Feature Digital LED Touch Pad Control, Remote Display and Retractable Handle.

printer CSOPCRT2300
Casio PCR-T2300 Thermal Printer Cash Register - 7000 PLUs - 50 Clerks - 30 Departments - Thermal Printing

Dual-tape thermal cash register features a 10-line LCD so the operator can check the current transaction for eliminate errors. It displays up to five items, the transaction subtotal and the price of last item entered for the operator's review. Built-in, pop-up customer display with two lines includes the last item's name, price and the transaction subtotal. Raised keyboard includes 30 department keys that can be preset priced or open to enter prices manually. Up to 7,000 PLUs are available to track individual item sales. Two-station thermal printer provides receipt copies for customers and hard-printed journal tape for the retailer records. Customize receipts with a graphic logo or programmable top and bottom messages along with the detailed item descriptors printing as well. Heavy-duty metal cash drawer provides five bill compartments and five coin compartments. The PCR-T2300 also includes a SD card slot for program backup/reload, four tax rates and seven-position mode lock with keys.

printer RSIRBC650PRO
Royal Sovereign Electric Bill Counter with 2 Hour Use Cycle - RBC650PRO-Electric Bill Counter-2 Hour Duty Cycle for Heavy Use -1000 bill/min The Royal Sovereign RBC-650PRO electric bill counter features a duty cycle system that allows for 2 hours of continuous counting without ceasing. The sleek back-loading hopper can hold an impressive 130 bills and count 1000 bills per minute. It's perfect for anyone who continuously counts large amounts of cash
printer MXBEC30A
MAX 10-digit Print Electronic Check Writer - 10 Digits / 1 Column - Personal, Business - White, Gray

Check writer prints up to 10 digits, plus symbols on business-size and personal-size checks. Check writer embosses and prints one original plus two carbons. Embossed printing reduces risk of alteration. Emboss dollar and cent sign symbol before and after amount to provide additional protection against altering the amount of the check. Functions include printing, repeat printing and full input correction by clear key. Check writer features an easy-to-read display screen and adjustable printing depth up to 1-7/8". Check writer includes black ink roll and weighs 2.87 lb.

printer MXBEC70
MAX 14-digit Print Electronic Check Writer - 14 Digits / 1 Column - Business, Personal - Cream

The simple, key-entry operation allows input of up to 14 digits plus symbols. Dollar and cent symbols, commas and decimals are printed automatically. Electronic Check Writer prints original plus two carbons and features an area of up to 3-1/8" for processing checks and a LCD for easy-to-read amounts. Device accumulates total number of checks processed and provides total dollars of all checks issued. Void key allows the cancellation of an incorrectly printed check. Functions include printing, repeat printing, and correction by clear key. Check writer provides security from forgery with an embossed dollar and cent symbol before and after the amount to protect against altering the amount of the check. Check writer includes a black ink roll, operates on AC power and weighs 4 lb.

printer RSIQS1
Royal Sovereign Manual Hand Crank 1 Row Coin Sorter - QS1-Manual Coin Sorter-1 Row Sort-Energy Efficient-200 Coin Hopper-Accurate

Manual coin sorter is the perfect sorter for business or personal coin sorting. It requires no electricity or batteries to operate. Simply turn the hand crank, and the QS-1 sorts pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters directly into the one-row coin tubes below. Preformed coin wrappers conveniently slide and fit into coin tubes for easy transition to coin wrapping and rolling. Plastic coin tubes are removable, making it easy to pull out coin-filled wrappers to be rolled and crimped. Precise internal sorting design ensures accurate sorting. The large coin hopper holds up to 200 coins at a time. Front door closes for easy storage and keeps dust out. Lightweight design offers easy mobility. Hand crank screws off to save space when storing.

printer RSIRBC3100
Royal Sovereign Electric Bill Counter w/ UV, MG, IR Counterfeit Detection - RBC3100-Bill Counter-Counterfeit Detection UV/MG/IR-1200 bill/min- Front Hopper Royal Sovereign's RBC-3100 electric bill counter provides ultimate counting security with 3 counterfeit detection systems. This unit includes Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG) and Infrared (IR) counterfeit detection systems that will ensure an accurate count. Its front-load hopper can hold up to 300 bills and counts at lightning fast 1200 bills per minute. The easy to use button controls and vivid digital display make it simple to change settings. Batch and add mode makes it easy to band, transport, and store your cash.
printer LRNLER2690
Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

Talking cash register brings money math to life to let students practice coin identification, addition, subtraction and place value. Four featured games increase in difficulty as players advance. Cash register is also perfect for imaginative play and learning basic calculator skills. A built-in scanner, scale and coin slot provide a more realistic experience. Cash register requires three C-size batteries (sold separately) and is designed for children ages 3 and up.

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