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printer SPR51045
Sparco 60min Dictating Micro Cassette - 1 x 45 Minute

Dictating cassette features low-noise, stretch-free tape and 45 minutes of recording time. Leaderless, microcassette delivers instant-start dictation.

printer SONP6120MP
Sony 8mm Videocassette - 8mm - 0.31" - 2 Hour - SP

A broad line of 8mm metal tapes meet a range of consumer needs for quality and capacity. Standard Metal MP tape maintains high RF- output even after 200 repeated playbacks. Metal HG features picture quality 12% better than standard metal particle tape.

printer TDK38647
TDK Mini-DV Cassette - MiniDV - 1 Hour

Superior-grade camcorder tapes for digital camcorders combine unrivaled performance and durability with a festive twist. Colorful Designer DVC cartridge designs make it easy to identify a specific tape and facilitate organizing your DVC media library by color. Recording capacity for each tape is 60 minutes. Each comes with its own ultra-durable carrying case, insert card and blank labels. DVM DVC media is compatible with all DVC/Mini-DV camcorders.

printer SONDVM60PRR6
Sony DVM60PRR DV Cassette - DVC - 1 Hour

Designed for high definition recording and playback, this 6-pack of DVM60PRR/6 premium digital video cassette (DVC) tapes are ideal for capturing the moment. Each tape provides 60 minutes of quality recording time and features diamond-like carbon coating protective layer, which improves durability and helps prevent shedding and drop out.

printer SON3DVM60
Sony 3DVM60 Digital Videocassette - MiniDV - 0.25" - 1 Hour

Mini Digital Video Cartridges are designed for use with mini DV camcorders. Ideal for editing and sharing your videos. Each cartridge offers 60 minutes recording in standard mode and 90 minutes recording in long play mode. Digital picture has a resolution that exceeds 500 lines.

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