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printer BWKBR10016
Boardwalk® Corn/Fiber Brooms

Affordably priced, blended fiber-bristle brooms provide professional-grade performance
Nylon cord binding minimizes the potential for straw loss
Wire-wrapped, lacquered wood handles
Application: Concrete; Hard Floor; Indoor; Outdoor; Bristle Material: Corn/Synthetic Fibers; Bristle Length: 18; Handle Material: Wood.

printer BWK951WY
Boardwalk® Mixed Fiber Whisk Brooms

Corn and synthetic fiber bristles provide a best-of-both-worlds blend
Double-stitched cord binding ensures long-lasting durability
Hang-hook enables convenient storage
Application: Concrete; Hard Floor; Indoor; Outdoor; Bristle Material: Corn/Synthetic Fibers; Bristle Length: 8; Handle Material: Metal.

printer ANRW36
Anchor Brand® Warehouse Broom

Economical broom is ideal for light-duty sweeping tasks
Stitched headband gives strength and longevity
Sturdy wood handle
Application: Spot; Bristle Material: Corn/Sotol; Handle Material: Wood; Brush Length: 6 1/2".

printer BWKBR10012
Boardwalk® Upright Corn/Fiber Broom

Economy and performance are hallmarks of this broom
Bound with double-stitched nylon cord for durability
Durable upright broom can tackle routine or heavy duty cleaning jobs
Application: General Purpose; Bristle Material: Corn Fiber; Bristle Length: 15; Handle Material: Clear Lacquered Wood.

printer BWK951TCT
Boardwalk® Corn Fiber Lobby/Toy Broom

Constructed of 100% corn fiber for long-lasting durability
Hair-like follicles on each fiber trap and hold dust particles for fast cleanup
Application: Spot; Bristle Material: Corn Fiber; Handle Material: Wood; Handle Diameter: 7/8".

printer MNL1924
Magnolia Brush No. 19 Line Floor Brush 1924

Half-round block
Staple set in dense hole pattern
Use for wet or dry sweeping
Sweeps fine dust or coarse debris
Application: Concrete; Hard Floor; Indoor; Outdoor; Bristle Material: Plastic; Bristle Length: 3; Handle Material: Hardwood.

printer QCK006352
Quickie® Bulldozer® 2-in-1 Squeegee Pushbroom

Handy, 2-in-1 squeegee pushbroom is designed to tackle a wide range of challenging tasks, cleaning a wide range of debris, plus taking on wet messes
Made with rugged, specialized material designed for indoor and outdoor DIY projects
This pushbroom is designed specifically with a combination of stiff inner fibers and soft outer fibers to sweep a wide range of debris plus a commercial squeegee to tackle wet messes
Full-size, professional grade squeegee built into the block
The broom head is set in a heavy duty resin block with diamond plate design that won't warp, rot or crack under normal usage
This broom comes complete with clips attached to the block, which can be used to store the broom unassembled
Application: Basements; Decks; Garages; Sidewalks; Bristle Material: PET; Bristle Length: 3; Handle Material: Powder Coated Steel.

printer RCP6383
Rubbermaid® Commercial Corn-Fill Broom

Bristles effectively move fine and coarse dirt and debris from both rough and smooth surfaces
Rugged corn fill is stitched multiple times for durability
Heavy-duty, thickly lacquered wood handle minimizes the potential for cracking and splintering
Application: Bare Floors; Indoor; Outdoor; Warehouse; Bristle Material: Corn Fiber; Bristle Length: 18; Handle Material: Lacquered Pine.

printer DVO91351CT
O-Cedar® Commercial MaxiPlus® Professional Angle Broom

Great for floors, under furniture and hard-to-reach corners
Washable, flagged-tip bristles sweep even the finest of particles and are unaffected by water, alkalies, acids, grease or oil and won't wear down, break or fall out
Solid bristle block means no chance of separation from shroud
Deeper thread insert to prevent breaking of handle tip
Sturdier, thicker handle adds extra durability
Wider 14" sweeping surface for faster cleaning
Plastic angled shroud has patented handle-locking mechanism
Application: Floors; Bristle Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET); Bristle Length: 14; Handle Material: Vinyl Coated Aluminum.

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