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printer RAYR9VL1
Rayovac 9V Lithium Battery - 1200 mAh - Lithium (Li) - 9 V DC - 1 Each

This lithium battery lasts longer than ordinary alkaline batteries with higher energy density, wider operating temperature range and lighter weight. Consumer-replaceable battery lasts on average two times longer than ordinary alkaline 9-volt batteries. Using this alarm battery in your ionization smoke detector will give you a working smoke alarm for years.

printer RAY8134TFUSJ
Rayovac Fusion Alkaline D Batteries - D - Alkaline - 4 / Pack

Fusion D batteries excel in today's most power-hungry devices, including digital cameras, high-powered toys and grooming devices. Slim Seal technology maximizes internal battery capacity. Increased anode density improves discharge efficiency. Improved cathode formulation enhances electrical conductivity. Mercury-free, advanced alkaline batteries stay fresh in storage for 12 years.

printer DURMN1500B2Z
Duracell Coppertop Alkaline AA Battery - MN1500 - AA - Alkaline - 1.5 V DC - 2 / Pack

Long-life alkaline AA batteries operate reliably in temperature extremes of negative 20 degrees Celsius to 54 degrees Celsius. Recommended for use in smoke alarms, flashlights, lanterns, calculators, pagers, cameras, recorders, radios, meters, scanners, CD players, medical equipment, toys and electronic games. Batteries are long-lasting and dependable after 10 years of storage. Include "freshness dating" on each package and battery.

printer DURMN21B4PK
Duracell Security 21/23 Alkaline 12V Battery - MN21 - Alkaline - 12 V DC - 1 Each

12 Volt Security Battery provides trustworthy power for many car alarm remotes, electronic door locks, garage door openers, motion detectors, home security devices and a wide variety of other security needs.

printer EVEEN95
Energizer Industrial Alkaline D Batteries - 2050 mAh - D - Alkaline - 1.5 V DC - 12 / Box

Energizer Industrial Alkaline D Battery offers an economical, high rate source of portable power for today's devices that require heavy current or continuous use. Each battery provides four to nine times more energy than similar-sized carbon zinc batteries.

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printer EVEE95BP4
Energizer Max Alkaline D Batteries - 20500 mAh - D - Alkaline - 1.5 V DC - 4 / Pack

Max Alkaline D Battery provides a long-lasting power source for such common workplace devices as calculators, pencil sharpeners, cameras, flashlights and portable tape recorders. Batteries are date-coded and 100 percent mercury-free.

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printer DURMN1604B
Duracell Multipurpose Battery - 9V - Alkaline - 9 V DC

Duracell batteries have a history of providing dependable power when and where you need it the most. Duracell's range of batteries gives you the right power for all of your needs.

printer EVEA91BP24HTCT
Eveready Gold Alkaline AA Batteries - AA - Alkaline - 264 / Carton

Gold Alkaline AA Batteries deliver long-lasting power that today's devices need, at an economical price. Batteries are designed for use with low-drain, important devices, such as smoke detectors, flashlights, clocks, alarms and toys.

printer EVEECR2032BPCT
Energizer 2032 3V Watch/Electronic Battery - CR2032 - Lithium (Li) - 3 V DC - 72 / Carton

Lithium Battery is pre-tested for watches, calculators and solid state miniaturized applications. Replacement for CR2032, DL2032 and LF1/2V.

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