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Kellogg's® Fruity Snacks

Gluten-free sweet and chewy fruity snacks are made with real fruit
Each serving provides 100% DV Vitamin C
Naturally and artificially flavored
Food Type: Candy; Flavor: Mixed Berry; Capacity (Weight): 2.5 oz; Packing Type: Bag.

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Dentyne Ice® Gum

Enjoy freshness without the sugar with a tasty sugarless gum with a candy coating
Tiny treats are an ideal choice for keeping your breath fresh
Perfect for after dinner, or any time your breath needs a minty pick-me-up
Pocket-sized packs are convenient on-the-go
Food Type: Gum; Flavor: Arctic Chill; Capacity (Weight): 0.186 oz; Packing Type: Bottle.

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Office Snax® Individually Wrapped Candy Assortments

Surprise everyone with a sweet treat that is full of candy
Perfect for large groups
Individually wrapped candies allow everyone to grab as much as they want
Great for the office
Food Type: Candy; Flavor: Fancy Mix; Capacity (Weight): 10 lbs; Packing Type: Box.

printer OFX00068
Office Snax® Sugar-Free Suckers

Great tasting, superior flavor profile, including: cherry, grape, lemon, lime and orange
Sugar free is guilt free
Food Type: Candy; Flavor: Assorted; Capacity (Weight): 32 oz; Packing Type: Tub.

printer HRB30220
Haribo® Gummi Candy

A delicious fat-free snack
Kids and grown-ups love it so
The happy world of Haribo®
Try Haribo®, the original Gummi candy
Food Type: Candy; Flavor: Gummi Bears - Original Assortment; Capacity (Weight): 5 oz; Packing Type: Bag.

printer OFX00028
Office Snax® Tootsie Roll® Assortment

A classic candy with a taste that will surely bring back memories
The large bowl makes it great for offices and reception areas
Simply leave it open and enjoy
Resealable tub maintains freshness
Great tasting assortment including Original, Lime, Cherry, Lemon, Vanilla and Orange
Food Type: Candy; Flavor: Assorted; Capacity (Weight): 28 oz; Packing Type: Bowl.

printer MFR430220
Mayfair Assorted Candy Bag

Serve everyone's favorite hard candies
Great for meetings and parties
Includes buttercreme, starlight, purple, red, green, yellow, butterscotch, strawberry and cinnamon
Individually wrapped
Food Type: Candy; Flavor: Assorted; Capacity (Weight): 5 lbs; Packing Type: Bag.

printer LFS22732
LifeSavers® Hard Candy

Life Savers 5 Flavors Hard Candies—It's important to take a minute to appreciate the simple joys in life
One pleasure that's easy to always have handy is Life Savers Hard Candy
A classic American candy since 1912, the flavors of Life Savers Hard Candy have stood the test of time
Featuring the beloved cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange, and pineapple fruit flavors of 5 Flavors, it doesn't take much for these trusted tastes to draw an easy smile
So pause the hectic world for just a moment and savor the simple pleasure of Life Savers Hard Candy
The classic 5 flavors that have stood the test of time: Cherry, orange, pineapple, raspberry and watermelon
Food Type: Candy; Flavor: Original Five Flavors; Capacity (Weight): 41 oz; Packing Type: Bag.

printer OFX72692
Jelly Belly® Jelly Beans

Assorted jelly beans in 0.35 oz bags
Great candy for a handout or giveaways at events and meetings
Plus, they can double as a quick snack! Food Type: Candy; Flavor: Assorted; Capacity (Weight): 0.35 oz; Packing Type: Bag.

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