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printer SWI79392
Swingline® Heavy Duty Staples, 1/2" Leg Length, 5,000/Box - 100 Per Strip - Heavy Duty - 1/2" Leg - Holds 90 Sheet(s) - for Paper - Heavy Duty, Chisel Point - 5000 / Box

Standard variety heavy duty staple is compatible with all heavy duty staplers. Sharp chisel point pierces better and jams less. 1/2" leg length. 100 per strip, 5,000 per box.

printer SWI69495
Swingline® Premium Staple Cartridge, 5,000 Staple Count, 3/8" Leg Length - 5000 Per Cartridge - Premium - 3/8" Leg - Holds 70 Sheet(s) - for Paper - Chrome

Exclusive to use with Swingline® High Capacity Electric Stapler. Cartridge allows stapling up to 5,000 times without reloading. 3/8" leg length, 70 sheet capacity, sharp chisel point design.

printer SWI38121
Swingline® Ultimate Staple Remover, Blade Style, Built-in Magnet, Black - Mini, Standard - Blade Style - Black

Blade style staple remover feels natural in the hand and is easier to use than the jaw design stapler remover. Removes both standard and mini-size staples with a unique staple release mechanism. Built-in magnet makes cleaning up easier and more efficient. Limited 1-year warranty.

printer RPD2909
Rapid Galvenized Heady-duty Metal Staples - Heavy Duty - 5/16" Leg - 1/2" Crown - Holds 40 Sheet(s) - for Metal - Galvanized - Gray - 1000 / Box Galvanized, heavy-duty, metal staples are designed for use with NeXXt Desktop Staplers, NeXXt High-capacity Long-arm staplers, and Wild Series Desktop Staplers. Use one to staple up to 40 sheets. Crown width is 1/2". Leg length is 5/16".
printer MXB105M
MAX HD-10DF Mini Staples - 100 Per Strip - Heavy Duty - 3/16" Leg - 5/16" Crown - Holds 20 Sheet(s) - for Paper - Silver - 5000 / Box

Heavy-duty mini staples can be used in MAX USA HD-10DF, HD-10DFL and HD-10V. Crown is 5/16" wide, and leg length measures 3/16". Each staple fastens up to 20 sheets. Staples come in strips of 100.

printer SWI35108
Swingline® Standard Staples, 1/4" Leg Length, 210 Per Strip, 5,000 Per Box - 210 Per Strip - Standard - 1/4" Leg - for Paper - Chisel Point - Silver - 5000 / Box

Standard staples undergo a seven-point quality check to ensure they will provide dependable, easy stapling performance. Sharp chisel point ensures less jamming. These staples also have 15% fewer misforms than the competition. 1/4" leg length, 210 staples per strip, 5,000 per box.

printer RPD23391100
Rapid R23 No.19 Fine Wire 1/4" Staples - 19/6 - 1/4" Leg - 1/2" Crown - for Fabric, Paper, Metal - Gray - 5000 / Box

No. 19 fine wire staples are designed for use in the Rapid R23 and R19E Staple Guns. Perfect for securing thin materials in light-duty work and decoration, such as fabrics, paper and labels. Crown width of these 19/6 staples is 1/2" (12.7mm). Leg length is 1/4" (6mm).

printer SWI38101
Swingline® Deluxe Staple Remover, Extra Wide, Steel Jaws, Black - Mini, Standard - Jaws Style - Steel - Black

Standard design stapler remover enhanced with textured non-slip surface. Durable steel jaws and extra-wide finger grips make removing standard and mini-size staples easier. Limited 1-year warranty.

printer MXBNO20FE
MAX Flat Clinch Staples - 2000 Per Cartridge - 1/4" Leg - 3/8" Crown - Holds 20 Sheet(s) - for Paper - 2000 / Box

Flat clinch staples close flat, allowing papers to stack neatly and evenly. Designed for use with Max USA EH-20F stapler. Crown measures 3/8" wide. Leg length is 1/4". Staples up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper. Easy-to-load cartridge of 2,000 staples.

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