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printer BIG651
Big D Lemon Scent Urinal Screen - Lemon - Flexible, Non-slip - 12 / Box

Urinal screen is flexible and will fit most urinals. Special nonslip finish. Prevents drain clogging. Each screen comes with a disposable glove.

printer IMP770
Impact Products Z-Drain Odor Control Devices - Fresh Blast - Odor Neutralizer - White
  • Drain device includes a block containing enzymes, fragrance and cleaners that eliminate gases and odors
  • Water poured down drain activates enzymes to break down built-up organics that cause odors and slow drains
  • Dissolves grease and eliminates fruit flies
  • Included screw and wing nut accommodates all types of drains
printer IMP1170
Impact Products Baby Changing Table - Gray
  • conforms to ASTM requirements
  • meets ADA requirements when following proper mounting instructions
  • includes safety strap for security
  • smooth hidden hinges prevent pinch points
  • for use up to 100 pounds
  • built-in liner storage (1171 disposable liners keep changing area sanitary - sold separately)
  • liners are 100% recyclable, made of 3-ply biodegradeable paper
  • item ships complete with mounting hardware and instructions
printer GJO85114CT
Genuine Joe Fresh Blast Scent Urinal Screen - Fresh Blast - Odor Neutralizer, Ozone-safe - 72 / Carton - Gray

Urinal screen absorbs and neutralizes odors with a fresh scent deodorant to promote a clean restroom environment. Advanced design protects floors from stains, discoloration and uric acid damage. Powerful enzymes help clean the urinal to maintain sanitary conditions. Urinal screen is VOC-compliant and does not contain any ozone-depleting ingredients.

printer UNGWS450CT
Unger Original StripWasher Sleeve - For Squeegee - 10 / Carton - White - Plush, Fabric, Woven, Synthetic Fiber

Standard washer sleeve fits the ErgoTec T-Bar handle and features a versatile design that's perfect for cleaning windows, screens and dusting. Plush, woven, synthetic fabric with hook-and-loop fastening allows easy installation and removal. Reinforced, zigzag stitched ends are gentle yet strong for long-lasting use. Washer sleeve is compatible with Unger strip washer handles (sold separately).

printer EUR61988
Sanitaire Electrolux 17" Pad Driver - For Floor Machine - 1 Each

Pad driver features a rough, anti-slip surface to keep your cleaning pads securely fastened for optimal performance. Easy-to-replace design minimizes maintenance time and ensures proper installment when replacing worn-out drivers. Durable construction stays strong to deliver long-lasting use. Pad driver is designed for use with the Sanitaire 17" high-performance floor machine (sold separately).

printer IMP8175
Impact Products Watermiser Water Control Valve - Brass Flow control valves reduce water flow up to 85% without a loss in consumer satisfaction. The gallons per minute can be varied to fit the function (depending on which valve size is used). Located under the sink, these tamper resistant flow control valves go undetected by the faucet user.
  • reduces water flow in faucets, showers, and hose bibs from 40% to 85%
  • flow control valves are ideal for schools, universities, hospitals, restaurants, or any place faucets are used
  • pays for itself quickly with lower water, sewer, and energy bills
  • solid brass, self-cleaning patented valves will not clog and bi-directional valves can be installed in either direction
  • easy to install - attach directly to faucets, shower arms, and hose bibs
  • made in USA
  • meets State and Federal "Lead Free" regulations
  • LEED credits are offered with water flow control valves (See Local LEED Auditor)
  • replaces need for aerators and reduces the chance of vandalism
printer RCM25190687
RMC Sanor Breeze Urinal Screen - Melon Green - Lasts upto 30 Day - Non-slip, Deodorizer - 10 / Carton - Green Tint

Urinal screens are specially engineered and impregnated with deodorizing compounds that are 200 percent stronger than traditional, vinyl urinal screens. These air soluble replacements for para products are VOC-compliant in all 50 states. Extreme flexibility allows the urinal screen to fit snugly on any urinal and collect debris before it clogs up the drain. Design also offers a green melon fragrance, nonslip finish and anti-splash texture to prevent cross-contamination. Urinal screens are safe to handle and designed to last 30 days.

printer IMP1493
Impact Products Z-Screen Citrus Deodorizing Urinal Screen - Citrus - Lasts upto 30 Day - Deodorizer, Flexible, VOC-free - 12 / Box - Orange

Deodorizing urinal screen contains powerful enzymes that clean and eliminate odors. Strong, gradual fragrance release ensures freshness for 30 days. Plastic material contains up to 12 times more fragrance than vinyl screens. Unique design prevents embarrassing splashback and reduces cleaning time. Elevated risers on the bottom eliminate trapped urine to prevent additional odor. Flexible material conforms to the urinal to trap debris. Urinal screen is safe for use in waterless urinals.

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