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printer PLC2004
Pelican® SabreLite™ 2000 Replacement Lamp Module

Xenon replacement lamps provide a powerful, collimated white beam
Durable, high-quality lamps are easy to install
Depend on original equipment manufacturer quality items
Brightness: 2000 lm; Voltage: 4.5 V; Appearance: Xenon; For Use With: Pelican® SabreLite™ 2000 Flashlight.

printer RAYK32
Rayovac® Flashlight Bulbs K3-2

Brighter than the standard bulb, this bulb shines with a clear, bright light
High-quality Krypton for long-lasting service
Flanged base for easy installation
Application: Flashlight; Model Name/Number: Krypton; For Use With: 3 D Cell Flashlights.

printer LGT68220
Streamlight® ProPolymer® Parts and Accessory 68220

Replacement lamp provides a bright light output
Durable, xenon-powered lamp
Quick and easy to install
Application: Flashlight; Size: 4AA Xenon; Bulb Shape: Reflector; For Use With: 4AA Xenon ProPolymer Flashlights.

printer COC07880
CCI® 500W Quartz Replacement Bulb

Quartz replacement bulbs provide a bright light
May be used with any 500W halogen worklight or lamp
Standard RSC style base makes it easy to change burned-out bulb
Power: 500 W; Appearance: Halogen; Bulb Shape: Tube.

printer MGLLM2A001
Maglite® Replacement Lamp for AA Mini Flashlight

Maglite® replacement lamps are vacuum sealed for optimal longevity, providing you with the best value
Enjoy white, bright light with replacement lamps
Dependable original equipment manufacturer (OEM) item delivers performance every time
Voltage: 3 V; For Use With: MagLite® AA Mini Flashlight.

printer PLC2404
Pelican® Stealthlite™ 2400 Xenon Lamp Module

Replacement lamp shines brightly, providing illumination where you need it most
Lamp is easy to install in flashlights
A sturdy, durable lamp provides light in the darkest situations
Brightness: 45 lm; Voltage: 6 V; Appearance: Clear; Application: Flashlight.

printer MGLLR00001
Maglite® Replacement Halogen Lamp for Rechargeable Flashlight

Replacement lamps provide maximum brightness with improved halogen technology
Lamp installs easily
Dependable original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality
Power: 6 W; Appearance: Halogen; For Use With: Maglite® ML125™ Rechargeable Flashlight.

printer DVO4193591
Diversey™ Cobra® Translucent 45W Insect Light Trap Bulbs

Low voltage 15-watt UVA bulbs allow strategic placement
Easy maintenance of replacement bulbs and adhesive boards
Translucent cover increases UV emission and greatly improves catch
Meets all FDA and NSF/USDA guidelines for use in and around food handling areas
Power: 15 W; Application: Foodservice; Lodging; Size: 19.7 x 3.3 x 2.2; Bulb Shape: Tube.

printer LGT78914
Streamlight® UltraStinger® Replacement Light Bulb

High-quality xenon bulb provides up to 30 hours of light
Bulb shines a bright, clear beam, providing easy illumination in dark spaces
Designed for UltraStinger® flashlights
Brightness: 295 lm; Voltage: 6 V; Appearance: Clear; Application: Flashlight.

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