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printer END248050
Endust 10 oz Air Duster with Bitterant - For Electronic Equipment - 10 fl oz - Non-flammable, Moisture-free - 2 / Pack - Blue

Multipurpose duster features a powerful blast that is safe for computers, printers, copiers and more. Extension tube provides pinpoint cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. Moisture-free duster assists in preventing dust buildup to extend the life of your equipment. Safety bitterant prevents misuse of the duster.

printer REARR1420
Advantus Read/Right CD/DVD Kleen Premoistened Wipes - 1 Each

Quickly and easily remove dust, dirt and fingerprints from CDs, and DVDs. These high-quality, pre-moistened wipes help eliminate data errors, skipping, mistracking and distortion. Regular cleaning of CD-ROMs removes contaminates and ensures optimum sound quality and fidelity.

printer CCS24223
Compucessory Surface Cleaning Wipes - 100 - White

Use for quick, easy cleanup of phones and office machines. Soft nonabrasive, nontoxic wipes come in convenient pop-up dispenser tub.

printer FALDPSJMB2
Falcon Dust-Off Jumbo Disposable Dusters - Ozone-safe, Moisture-free - 2 / Pack - Gray

Jumbo-size duster removes dust and lint from computer disks, tape drives, diskettes and other electronics with pure moisture-free blasts. Formula contains a bitterant to discourage inhalant abuse. The 100 percent ozone-safe duster contains no CFCs, HCFCs, propane or butane.

printer REARR1243
Read Right Pre-Moistened KeyKleen Swabs - Pre-moistened - 24 / Box

Pre-moistened swabs remove accumulated dust and dirt on and around keyboard keys of microcomputers, word processors, CRT terminals and typewriters. Specially formulated solvent dries rapidly and leaves no residue.

printer REARR3507
Read Right Electronics Office Duster - For Desktop Computer, Home/Office Equipment - Ozone-safe, Non-flammable - 1 Each

Clean computer components and other office equipment with this disposable can of 100 percent nonflammable and 100 percent ozone-safe compressed gas. Disposable can includes a plastic, trigger-operated spray nozzle for fingertip control and an extension wand for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Microfiber Technologies Starter Pack Kit
  • kit includes: one (1) LFS100 extension handle, one (1) LFMB18 mop holder, three (3) LWBS18 18" scrubber mops,
  • two(2) LFK300 green microfiber cloths, two (2) LFK100 blue suede microfiber sloth and one (1) HDCOMP complete high duster
printer FALFGSR
Falcon Dust-Off Refill - For Home/Office Equipment - Ozone-safe - 1 Each

100 percent ozone-safe, original Dust-Off Classic Chrome Valve Refill efficiently removes loose dust and lint from hard-to-reach areas of data processing equipment, copiers, fax machines and other office equipment. Refill is nontoxic and fits most chrome valve systems.

printer NSN4541138
SKILCRAFT Computer Screen Wipe - For Display Screen, Desktop Computer - Pre-moistened, Anti-static, Non-abrasive - 1 Each - White

Pre-moistened, antistatic, computer screen wipes safely remove dirt and smudges from computer screens. These 6-3/10" x 6-1/4" nonabrasive, lint-free wipes come in a convenient pop-up dispenser.

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