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printer CNMHS1000TG
Canon HS1000TG Desktop Display Calculator - Large LCD, Dual Power, Auto Power Off - 10 Digits - LCD - Battery/Solar Powered - 1.4" x 6.7" x 4.6" - Ebony - Plastic - 1 Each

10-digit desktop calculator is made from the recycled materials of Canon copiers with the upper and lower casings being made with a high percentage of recycled material. Functions include tax calculation, square root, sign change, three-key memory, multiplication, division, percentage calculations and grand total. Decimal positions include A, 4, 3, 2, 0, and F. The large LCD screen easily shows all your computations. Desktop calculator runs on solar and battery power and shuts off automatically after approximately seven minutes.

printer SHREL244MB
Sharp Calculators EL244MB 8-Digit Calculator - Hard Shell Cover, Auto Power Off - 1 Line(s) - 8 Digits - LCD - Battery/Solar Powered - 4.1" x 2.4" x 0.4" - Gray

Dual Power Pocket Calculator features a large 8-digit, liquid crystal display (LCD), three-key memory, tax keys. PC touch keys, percent, extra large plus key and hard cover. Calculator automatically powers off and runs on battery and solar power.

printer TEXTI1795SV
Texas Instruments TI1795 Angled SuperView Calculator - Dual Power, Sign Change, Angled Display - 8 Digits - LCD - Battery/Solar Powered - 1" x 4.3" x 5.1" - Gray - 1 Each

Eight-digit calculator features an angled, liquid crystal display (LCD) and well-spaced keyboard with large, contoured keys for easy operation. Functions include three-key memory, change sign, auto constant, square root, percent key and variable decimal. Calculator runs on solar and battery power.

printer VCT15606
Victor 1560-6 12 Digit Professional Grade Heavy Duty Commercial Printing Calculator - 5.2 LPS - Clock, Date, Big Display, Independent Memory, Durable, Heavy Duty, Sign Change, Item Count, 4-Key Memory - AC Supply Powered - 2.8" x 8.8" x 12.5" - Gray - 1 Each

Printing calculator offers an extra-large fluorescent display with 12 digits and built-in metal paper arm. Print 5.2 lines per second in two colors. For amortization issues, print or display an entire schedule, specific month or any range of months. Add, subtract, multiply or divide hours and minutes or minutes and seconds for time billing or payroll applications. Cost-sell-margin keys allow you to quickly and easily solve CSM problems. Enter two variables, and the third appears and prints. Days-between-dates function computes the number of days between dates or you can compute the proper date by entering the number of days. Use financial features to enter amount, term and interest rate to solve for payment. Other functions include two independent tax keys, four-key memory, backspace key, automatic tax keys, units price mode, grand total, percent key, markup/down key, delta percent key, averaging and square root and time/calendar. Calculator runs on AC power.

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printer HEW12C
HP 12C Financial Calculator - 120 Functions - Power OFF Memory Protection, Keystroke Programming, Auto Power Off, Plastic Key - 1 Line(s) - 10 Digits - LCD - Battery Powered - 1 - CR2032 - 5" x 3.1" x 0.5" - Plastic, Aluminum - 1 Each

Financial calculator includes more than 120 built-in functions and allows 20 different cash flows for internal rate of return and net present values. Calculate loan and mortgage payments, convert interest rates, and figure bond prices and yields. RPN keystrokes optimize data entry and calculation performance. Program up to 99 keystrokes into memory and then execute with the push of a single button. Other functions include depreciation, percent change, cumulative statistical analysis, standard deviation, mean, weighted mean, linear regression, forecasting, correlation coefficient, date arithmetic, undo, backspace keys, and power off memory protection. Calculator has a 1 line x 10 character, liquid crystal display (LCD). The enclosure material is made of plastic and brush aluminum, and the keytops are made of plastic. Calculator includes a battery (CR2032) to power the unit and a synthetic leather pouch.

printer SHRELR297BBK
Sharp Calculators Sharp ELR297 Recycled Calculator - Easy-to-read Display, Environmentally Friendly, Dual Power, Double Zero, Sign Change, 4-Key Memory, Automatic Power Down - Battery/Solar Powered - 7.8" x 5.1" x 0.7" - Black, Silver - 1 Each

Desktop calculator features a cabinet made from a high percentage of recycled plastic. The slanted, 12-digit LCD screen is easy to read and offers three-digit punctuation. Four-key memory includes memory plus, memory minus, recall memory and clear memory keys. Other functions include Grand Total, double-zero, cost/sell/margin, tax keys, square root, sign change, and percent key. Decimal settings include F, 3, 2, 0 and A. RoHS compliant calculator works in any lighting, automatically switching from solar to battery power in low light.

printer SHRQS2130
Sharp Calculators Sharp QS2130 Commercial Display Calculator - Power OFF Memory Protection - 1 Line(s) - 12 Digits - LCD - Battery/Solar Powered - 0.7" x 7.3" x 6.9" - Gray - 1 Each

Commercial dual power desktop calculator offers a 12-digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with automatic 3-digit punctuation. Multiple Use key simplifies business calculations to save time and increases efficiency by handling functions like margin, markup, selling prices, costs, percent changes. Functions include independently accessible four-key memory plus second two-key memory function, round up/off/down, add mode, fixed (3, 2, 0)/floating decimal, and Constant and Sigma mode selectors. Solar-powered operation with battery backup prevents memory loss. Twin power sources include built-in solar cell and lithium cell. Calculator includes adjustable stand and carrying case and weighs .64 lb.

printer CSOFX300ESPLUS
Casio FX300ESPLUS Scientific Calculator - 252 Functions - Hard Shell Cover - Black - 1 Each

Advanced scientific calculator features Natural Textbook Display and improved math functionality. Calculator is designed to be the perfect choice for high school and college students learning general math, trigonometry, statistics, algebra I and II, pre-algebra, geometry and physics. Protective hard case keeps the calculator from being damaged while traveling. Calculator is solar-powered and features a battery backup supply.

printer HEW50G
HP 50G Graphing Calculator - 2300 Functions - 512 KB, 2 MB - RAM, ROM - Battery Powered - 0.9" x 3.4" x 7.2" - Silver - 1 Each

Graphing calculator is designed for surveying, engineering, math and science professionals and students. Features a large equation library, more than 2,300 built-in functions, 75Mhz ARM9 processor, a SD card slot with formatting functions, RPN, Algebraic and Textbook data entry, large high-contrast screen (9 lines x 33 characters), serial port and plastic casing. Easily performs complex arithmetic and calculus functions with advanced Computer Algebra System (CAS). Calculate advanced expressions and view solutions in 2-D or 3-D graphical representation. 2.5MB total memory includes 512KB RAM plus 2MB flash ROM for performing future upgrades. Enhanced HP keypad with redefinable keyboard and menu keys reduces keying errors. Customize data with four font sizes and styles. HP Solve application allows you to type and store an equation, then use to solve any variable. Calculator includes a USB connectivity kit with USB cable, connectivity software and pouch. Runs on four AAA batteries.

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