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printer PSPLFH0730DT
Philips Speech Hands Free Dictation Recorder - Minicassette - Black

Dictation machine features hands-free dictation with voice-activated recording or single-handed dictation with four-position switch. Index tones for end-of-letter priority and special instruction. Microphone sensitivity option for conference or close-up recording. Avoid dictation loss with no cassette lock and audible end-of-tape warning. Telephone recording capabilities with optional equipment. All information at a glance with Visual Workflow Display. Transcription features hands-free operation with foot control, optimum playback from volume/tone/speed controls, pause without missing a word with auto backspace play, quick access to the start of the next dictation with search forward/skip, and display all index information with auto rewind scan.

printer PSPDPM670001
Philips Speech Pocket Memo/Transcription Set - SD, SDHC Supported - 2.4" LCD - MP3, DSS, WAV - Headphone - 700 HourspeaceRecording Time - Portable

Pocket Memo and Transcription Set with SpeechExec software allows you to turn voice into text. It combines two microphones for superior audio quality with a robust yet lightweight, ergonomic design. With the user-friendly software and convenient foot pedal, dictation and transcription has never been easier. Crystal-clear recordings are perfectly suitable for speech recognition. DSS format allows a high compression ratio with little loss of quality. The MP3 format, a common audio format for consumer audio storage, is standard encoding for the transfer and playback of music on digital audio players. Designed for single-handed operation, the recording device allows easy and quick file editing (insert, overwrite, append) via convenient push-button operation. When plugged in, the dictation device automatically uploads your audio files directly onto the computer and into the SpeechExec dictation workflow. High-capacity, Li-ion battery can be easily charged through a standard micro USB jack.

printer PSPLFH975010
Philips 9750 Digital Desktop Transcription System - Silver

Complete Digital Transcription System is as easy as cassette transcription only smarter. The exchangeable multimedia card, the industry-standard media, gives instant access to any part of the recording. A visual Workflow Display shows the number of files, priorities and special instructions, allowing transcriptionists to control their workload. Quick access to start of next job with search and skip functions. Auto backspace play, volume/tone/speed control and auto switch-off. Easy, one-button download to your PC. The DSS file format optimizes storage space with crystal clear sound quality. Includes headset, foot control, power supply download/configuration software and USB download cable.

printer SONICDSX68
Sony ICD-SX68 512MB Digital Voice Recorder - 512 MB Flash MemoryLCD - Headphone - 185.55 HourspeaceRecording Time - Portable

ICD-SX68 512MB Digital Voice Recorder records 185 hours on the 512MB built-in flash memory. Of the five recording modes, Stereo High Quality (STHQ) offers longer recording time with 8 hours, 35 minutes. Other recording times include 22 hours, 50 minutes (ST); 44 hours (STLP); 69 hours, 40 minutes (SP); 185 hours, 55 minutes (LP). Features triple microphone design for high performance recording; adjustable recording level indicator to adjust recording level during recording; Voice Operated Recording (VOR) to stop recording during silent pauses; backlit dot-matrix LCD screen with number of messages recorded, recording length, date, time and battery power remaining and digital voice up to amplify low sound during playback. Easily transfer audio files to a computer for archiving. Playback unsecured MP3 files by dragging and dropping files into the MP3 folder. Recordings can be converted to MP3 or WAV file formats with the included software.

printer PSPDVT400000
Philips Speech Digital Voice Tracer 4000 - Portable

Voice Tracer Digital Recorder delivers precise conversation recording with automatic adjustment of audio settings for different environments so you enjoy optimal recording quality. AutoAdjust Plus analyzes the audio signal and chooses the perfect settings for the recording situation. The result is crystal-clear recordings. High-quality microphone allows utmost speech clarity. MP3 recording provides clear playback and easy file sharing. Operation is easy and intuitive with plug and play in Windows, Mac OS and Linux and a large color display. Rechargeable li-polymer battery allows extra-long recording. 4GB internal memory allows up to 44 days of recording. MicroSD memory card slot allows virtually unlimited recording. Robust metal design offers extra durability.

printer PSPDVT250000
Philips Speech Digital Voice Tracer 2500 - 4 GB Flash Memory - Portable

The Voice Tracer 2500 is perfect for capturing notes, ideas and thoughts on-the-go. Two built-in stereo microphones are designed to deliver clear voice recordings and reduce background noise, even in loud environments. High-quality recording is essential for clear playback and accurate speech recognition results. Capture your recordings in MP3. The popular file format allows you to play back your files virtually anywhere and share them with others. 8GB internal memory offers up to 44 days of recording. Slot for micro SD card supports up to 32GB of memory. Operation is easy and intuitive. One-touch operation allows instant recording. Voice-activated recording is a convenient feature for hands-free recording. The large color display also makes recording quick and easy. Plug and play in Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Use the calendar search for quick, easy retrieval of recordings.

printer PSPLFH0725DT
Philips Speech Transcriber/Dictation System - Minicassette - Black

Dictation machine features single-handed dictation with four-position switch, letter indexing, telephone recording, conference or close-up recording. Also no-cassette lock and audible end-of-tape warning. LCD/counter provides accurate tape monitoring. Transcription features hands-free transcription with foot control, volume/tone/speed controls, auto backspace play, search forward/skip, auto rewind.

printer PSPDVT270000
Philips Speech Digital Voice Tracer 2700 - Portable

Turn your voice into text with first-class recordings and speech recognition. Record documents and notes on the move in high quality. Back at your desk, simply connect the recorder to your computer, transfer your files and let the included Dragon Naturally Speaking software automatically turn your speech into text. Two built-in stereo microphones deliver clear voice recordings and reduce background noise, even in loud environments. High-quality recording is essential for clear playback and accurate speech recognition results. MP3 recording allows easy file sharing. Voice-activation allows hands-free recording. Automatically transcribe your dictation files. Large color display offers sharp images, supports eight languages and is optimized for easy, intuitive operation. 4GB internal memory allows up to 44 days of recording. MicroSD memory card slot offers virtually unlimited recording.

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