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printer SLOFSIC12J753PK
Solo Cup - 12 fl oz - 52 / Pack - Paper - Hot Drink, Beverage

Hot cups combo includes 52 drink-through lids and 52 paper cups designed to hold 12 oz. of hot beverages. Duo shield-insulation and air pocket insulation deliver perfect hand-hold temperature so no more sleeve or double cupping. Matte finish on the overwrap offers an excellent grip and better handhold feel.

printer SCCOF16BI0041
Solo Single Sided Paper Hot s - 16 fl oz - 300 / Carton - Maroon - Poly Paper - Hot Drink, Coffee, Tea, Cocoa Hot drink cups provide a sturdy, reliable container for all of your hot drink needs. Single-sided, poly paper cups deliver high performance and an upscale appearance.
printer ECOWNARSMT91516
Milan Crystal Square Tumblers - 9 fl oz - 16 / Pack - Crystal Clear - Polystyrene - Beverage, Juice, Soda

Tumbler features a unique design that provides the sleek shape of a square tumbler with a round upper rim for easy drinking. Versatile design reliably contains an assortment of beverages from juices and soda to beer and wine. Tumbler is perfect for upscale events, outdoor dining areas and more.

printer RCP333600CLR
Rubbermaid Commercial 30-oz. Bouncer Pitcher - 32 fl oz Pitcher - Polycarbonate Plastic - Dishwasher Safe - 1 Piece(s) Each

Bouncer Plastic Pitcher is designed for safety and lower replacement costs. Durable, polycarbonate plastic resists chipping and breaking. Dishwasher-safe design includes drip-proof spout and self-draining bottom.

printer SCCP16B
Solo Cup 16 oz. Plastic Cold Party Cups - 16 fl oz - 50 / Pack - Blue - Polystyrene, Plastic - Party, Cold Drink

These Plastic Party Cups are ideal for any occasion. They deliver superior value and suitable for any cold application. Cups are made of sturdy, rigid polystyrene.

printer SCC4BR2050CT
Solo Cup Eco-Forward Paper Cone Water Cups - 200 / Pack - 4 fl oz - Cone - 5000 / Carton - White - Paper - Cold Drink

Paper cups help keep the area around the water cooler sanitary. The cone shape of these cups prevents them from being put down and left behind. Smooth rolled rim provides a more enjoyable sipping experience. Disposable cups are made with a high percentage of plant-based resources to reduce the impact on valuable natural resources. Cups are designed for cold applications only.

printer GJO11260CT
Genuine Joe Ripple Hot Cups - 12 fl oz - 500 / Carton - Brown - Hot Drink

Unique hot cups are perfect for your beverage center or breakroom. Three-layer ripple design makes the hot cup cool to the touch. They are also microwavable. Ripple Hot Cups reduce costs by eliminating the need to use a sleeve or double cup.

printer HWLCRF950Z02
Kaz Honeywell Pur Pitcher Replacement Water Filter - Blue

This unique, premium carbon filter removes 95 percent of mercury. It also reduces chlorine (taste and odor) and 96 percent of trace levels of pharmaceuticals to give you clean, great-tasting water while leaving behind beneficial fluoride. Water filter provides up to 40 gallons of clean water and helps you avoid spending money on bottled water.

printer SCCTP12
Solo Plastic Disposable s - 12 fl oz - 1000 / Carton - Clear - PETE Plastic - Cold Drink, Water, Juice, Soda

Disposable cups feature a multilayer construction for increased strength and rigidity. Durable design doesn't absorb liquids to allow you to keep beverages for extended periods of time. High-quality cups are perfect for holding water, sodas, juices and more.

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