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printer GJO10356CT
Genuine Joe Sparkling Citrus Air Freshener - Spray - 10 oz - Sparkling Citrus - 12 / Carton

Instant fresh deodorizer quickly eliminates offensive odors, infusing the air with a sparkling citrus scent. Deodorizer is safe to spray on most fabrics. Air freshener is great for use in offices, bathrooms, smoking areas and locker rooms.

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Fresh Products Easy Fresh Refill Scented Cover - Mango - 30 Day - 12 / Box Fragranced cover contains two to three times more fragrance than gels or metered aerosols for complete freshness. Easy-to-use design ensures quick removal and replacement with just the touch of a button. Long-lasting scent provides a consistent fragrance for 30 days. Cover is designed for use with the Fresh Products Easy Fresh Dispenser (sold separately).
printer IMP325B
Impact Products Air Freshener Metered Aerosol 7.0 oz Ocean Breeze - Aerosol - 6000 ft? - 7 oz - Ocean Breeze - 30 Day - CFC-free, HCFC-free, Residue-free
  • 6.5-oz. can with universal actuation tip; dispenses a fine mist spray with no fall-out or residues
  • freshens room up to 6,000 cubic feet
  • delivers up to 3,400 controlled sprays and lasts for 30 days at a regular setting
  • contains no CFC's, HCFC's, or any other ozone depeters; meets Californis VOC regulations
  • suggested uses: washrooms, garbage areas, hospitals, fitness centers, restaurants, hotels, and more
printer IMP782
Impact Products CARTRIDGE WINTER FROST - 60 Day(s) Refill Life - WINTER FROST - 44883.12 gal Coverage - C Battery
  • vandal resistant passive odor control system with "Z" vents for maximum air flow
  • no harmful propellants, VOC's or batteries, contains recyclable plastic and packaging
  • 60 days of continuous fragrance in passive mode
  • individually sealed cartridge with 4 scents available; fits many competitive dispensers
  • fragrance oils release consistent fragrance over time
  • versatile options - wall mount or free standing
  • up to 6,000 cubic feet of coverage (airflow, heat, humidity, and location dictate coverage)
  • 775M-optional intermittent motorized fan clips in dispenser to boost circulation of fragrance-takes "C" batteries, not included
printer SJMWP1202MB
San Jamar Twist Air Care Freshener - Mango Burst - 44883.12 gal Coverage - 1 Each - White Air care dispenser features a battery-free, fan dispersion system to quietly enable continuous air care with exceptional effectiveness and duration. Advanced capillary science delivers a controlled release through a special matrix to provide a consistent, effective, long-lasting fragrance. Multi-phase odor-cancellation technology eliminates unpleasant smells at the molecular level to completely remove odors for up to 60 days. Air care dispenser is designed for use in rooms up to 6,000 cubic feet.
printer PGC84534
Febreze Scented Stick/Refresh - Stick - 0.2 fl oz (0 quart) - Fresh Meadow - 30 Day - 1 Each

Meet the most convenient way to eliminate the toughest odors from your place's tightest spots. Febreze Stick and Refresh goes where no Febreze has gone before, adhering to surfaces to remove odors at the source. 3M Command Strips hold strongly and stretch off cleanly, leaving no residue (when used as directed). Stick it to trash bins, shoe closets, in bathrooms, or any other confined space to corner odors. Equipped with advanced odor eliminator, this reusable unit generates a light, fresh scent for up to 30 days with no batteries required. The Fresh Meadows scent is a scent inspired by calm, soothing aloe and hints of watery-fresh flowers.

printer GJO99663
Genuine Joe Refill Air Fresh Cartridge - Fresh Cotton - 12 / Carton - Long Lasting, Odor Neutralizer

Air freshener cartridge with a Fresh Cotton scent features a long-lasting fragrance that helps neutralize odors to keep your rooms smelling great. Its advanced design dispenses a fine mist that dissipates evenly to keep the fresh fragrance suspended in the air longer. Air freshener is perfect for common areas where unpleasant odors can be found, including restrooms, lobbies, offices and more. Cartridge is designed for use with the Genuine Joe Solutions Air Freshener Dispenser (sold separately).

printer TMS334709TMCACT
TimeMist Metered System French Kiss Scent Refill - Aerosol - 6000 ft? - French Kiss - 30 Day - 12 / Carton - Odor Neutralizer

Premium-quality air freshener contains uniquely formulated, long-lasting fragrances and effective odor counteractants that neutralize stubborn odors swiftly and provide lasting aromatherapy. Use French Kiss scented refill in TimeMist full-sized, metered fragrance dispensers. Air freshener is formulated to counteract odors and leave behind a pleasant aroma. Air freshener contains a low VOC formula. Sprayed with a dispenser, the refill is effective for up to 6,000 cubic feet and lasts 30 days.

printer TMS1045311
TimeMist Premium Air Freshener Scented Spray - Spray - 10 fl oz (0.3 quart) - Citrus - 1 Each - Odor Neutralizer

Handheld air freshener is uniquely blended with both pure premium fragrance and odor counteractants that eliminate odors in the air. Simply spray whenever needed. TimeMist premium air freshener quickly destroys tough odors, such as smoke, restroom, food and other malodors, and leaves behind a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere with the citrus scent. Air freshener in an aerosol can is VOC-compliant in all states and CARB compliant.

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