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printer PGC3700016942
Swiffer 360 Degree Dusters Kit - 1 Each

Swiffer 360 Degree Dusters remove up to 90 percent of allergens from cats, dogs and dust mites. Thousands of fluffy fibers clean deep into grooves and crevices to trap and lock dust and allergens better than regular dry cloths. All-around design has 50 percent more fibers than regular Swiffer Dusters, allowing it to lock dust away for good. Starter kit includes one handle and duster.

printer WIMH12424C
Wilen Professional Floor Sweep - 3" 60"Metal Handle - 1 Each

Split tip bristles are ideal for medium/fine dust and dirt retention on smooth surfaces. Design includes a 3" trim, 1-5/16" x 60" metal handle, and metal threaded tip.

printer GJO09570
Genuine Joe Angle Broom - Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Bristle47" Length Steel Handle - 54.5" Overall Length - 1 Each

Angle broom features high-performance bristles to provide cleaning action. Flagged, acid-resistant, PVC bristles trap fine particles and will not stain, discolor or absorb odors. Use wet or dry. It is ideal for use in malls, restaurants and lobbies. Lightweight design features a durable frame and solid broomhead construction. The 47" handle is made of plastic. The head is made of polypropylene.

printer IMPHDFRM
Microfiber Technologies Microfiber High Duster Frame - Gray Microfiber cloths are a great choice for dusting and cleaning. The split fibers create a positive charge that grabs onto dust and dirt without damaging surfaces. Microfiber is safe for dry dusting hardwoods and for dusting and cleaning without chemicals or oils. From a tightly woven smooth cloth to a looser, heavier texture, there is a selection of cloths to fit your dusting and cleaning needs. Microfiber dusters have the same great qualities as cloths but can be used in harder to reach areas like ceiling fans, shelves, and irregular surfaces.
  • multi-use tool designed to clean hard to reach areas such as overhead pipes, ledges, ceiling fans, and behind furniture
  • stainless steel sword embedded in heavy canvas can be bent in any shape
  • a snap connection allows quick transfer to adjustable handle to permit high dusting
  • adjustable nut at handle for different angle cleaning
  • for high dusting will fit #LFS100 and #CH246 microfiber handles
printer IMP99518CT
Impact Products Dust Mop Frame - Wear Resistant, Tear Resistant, Galvanized - Metallic - Steel

Mop frame provides versatile performance to simplify the cleaning process. Galvanized finish resists wear and tear for lasting use. Strong steel construction provides enhanced strength. Frame does not include attachment clip.

printer RCP421388BK
Rubbermaid Dual Action Sweeper - 42" Length - 1 Each

Dual-action sweeper features two types of brushes to provide maximum cleaning and versatility on bare floors and low-pile carpets. Sweeper is especially effective for large debris as well as small crumbs and dirt. Dual-action sweeper features a dual debris pan with one-touch cleaning doors, a wide 7-1/2" sweep path with protective bumper, and natural corner brushes. Soft rubber wheels and brushes conform to the floor surface. Sweeper is made of durable galvanized steel and tough ABS plastic.

printer IMPLFMO36
Microfiber Technologies Microfiber Mop Holder for 36" Pad - Lightweight, Swivel, Durable - Orange - Aluminum
  • sleek design allows liquid to run off, preventing the growth of bacteria
  • flat base prevents pooling when applying finish
  • constructed from lightweight aluminum
  • bases attach to the wet or dust pads by new plastic teeth and can swivel to provide a greater range of use
  • replacement part# LFMOECAP
printer GJO02406
Genuine Joe Heavy-duty Plastic Dust Pan - 12" Wide - Plastic - Black

Heavy-duty Plastic Dust Pan is commercial quality for years of service. Includes molded ridges for broom and counter brush cleaning. Fine edges for maximum pickup. Has handle hanging hole for convenient hanging.

printer RCP9B0900BK
Rubbermaid Commercial Med. Sweep Plastic Foam Block - 3" - 1 Each

Medium floor sweep helps keep your facility looking its best. High-quality construction supports your cleaning crew so they can deliver top-notch results. Use it in wet or dry conditions to pick up heavier dirt and debris on both rough wood and smooth floor surfaces. Two-threaded handle holes on either side of block allow even wear so the sweep lasts longer and remains effective. Plastic foam block houses long-lasting polypropylene bristles with good abrasion-resistance and shear/break strength. These durable bristles will not stain, discolor or absorb odors. They are resistant to solvents, acids, oils, fungus and bacteria growth. Handles are sold separately.

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