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printer GOJ888006CT
Gojo ADX-12 Manual Soap Dispenser - Manual - 1.32 quart Capacity - White - 6 / Carton

High-capacity dispenser is ideal for high-traffic areas. Large-sight window skylight and clear refill bottles make it easy to check fill status. ADX-12 Manual Soap Dispenser easily converts to locking dispenser at any time by simply removing the key from inside the dispenser. Patent-pending, controlled-collapse GOJO refills (sold separately) hold their shape as they empty for a more attractive appearance. Sanitary-sealed refills are made of durable, recyclable PET material, using 30 percent less plastic than rigid HDPE bottles. Removable pump makes recycling easy. Fully ADA-compliant dispenser also offers a 1250 ml. capacity.

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Dial Spring Water Antibacterial Hand Soap - Spring Water Scent - 7.5 fl oz (221.8 mL) - Kill Germs - Hand, Skin - Blue - Moisturizing, Anti-bacterial - 1 Each Cleansing and conditioning are blended together beautifully in this liquid hand soap that cares for the skin you wash the most. Nourish your hands with white tea antioxidants and essential Vitamin E nutrients to keep your skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. Clean-rinsing formula washes away cleanly and leaves your hands feeling healthy. Antibacterial formula kills 99.9 percent of germs in just 20 seconds. Hand soap is perfect for use in healthcare facilities, schools, offices, restaurants, daycares and more.
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Gojo Original Formula Hand Cleaner Refill - Grease Remover, Tar Remover, Oil Remover - Hand - White - 6 / Carton

Hand cleaner comes in a refill cartridge that fits snugly into GOJO Creme-style Dispensers for easy access. Original formula creme contains soothing emollients. Use for removing heavy grease, tar and oil. Rub and then wipe clean with a towel or rinse off. Installing the plastic cartridge is easy. Simply fit the cartridge with the top from the dispenser. Then, simply turn over the cartridge, slide it onto the dispenser and pump for effective cleaning.

printer DIA98606CT
Dial Complete Prof Foaming Hand Soap Pump - Clean Scent - 15.20 oz - Pump Bottle Dispenser - Kill Germs - Hand - Pink - Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic - 4 / Carton

Antibacterial foaming hand soap offers superior germ-kill and superior mildness. Dial Complete Professional has demonstrated higher overall levels of germ reduction compared to other antimicrobial foaming and liquid soaps and even against antibiotic-resistant organisms, such as hospital-acquired MRSA, community-acquired MRSA, and VRE. It was unmatched in its effectiveness in eliminating these pathogens. Hypoallergenic formula is excellent for frequent handwashing. Light and gentle, it foams instantly and rinses cleanly for a healthy clean. Convenient pump dispenser is the perfect size for bathrooms and kitchens.

printer KIM91554
Kleenex Kimcare Antibacterial Foam Cleanser - 33.8 fl oz (1000 mL) - Skin - Clear - Anti-bacterial - 1 Each

Luxury Foam Antibacterial Skin Cleanser is designed as a refill for Kleenex Skin Care Dispensers. Refill includes a fresh pump for greater hygiene.

printer IMP9391
Impact Products Bulk Lotion Soap Dispenser With Refillable Bottle - Manual - 7.81 gal Capacity - Black, Gray
  • sleek, smooth modern design complements and decor; made of durable ABS for extended lifetime
  • sight window indicates level of soap remaining
  • ADA compliant pushbar
  • key lock for maximum security or optional universal access
  • 1000 ml (33.8 oz.) refillable bottle reduces environmental waste; features vented large screw cap for easy refilling
  • each push dispenses 0.7 ml of liquid in the form of foam soap
  • refillable bottle marked "LIQUID SOAP" to insure proper use and is recyclable
  • replacement part# 9390B
  • replacement part# 9390B
  • replacement part# 9327K
printer BET9196800
Betco Clario Touch Free Black Dispenser - Automatic - Black - 6 / Case Soap dispenser. Touch free to reduce the spread of germs through cross contamination and to encourage more hand washing by employees (typically a 30% increase, which further reduces the spread of germs). Touch free also reduces the use of soap by almost half as users use less. Foam soap, which is preferred by most users, further reduces the use of soap by half due to smaller dose yet richer, fuller lather. Also rinses easier, saving water & energy. Supports LEED certification. Durable ABS construction. Black. Battery included, 60,000 cycle battery life. 1 second delay between doses. Accepts Betco Clario® 1000ml foam soap refills. Sealed refill bags use up 98% of soap, eliminating waste, and are replaced when empty, eliminating cross contamination. Quick connect design to make for more rapid refill changes. Flow control tip dispenses 0.6ml dose. Large site glass provides for for easy product identification and maintenance. Locking option. Pre-drilled back plate designed to accommodate leading manufacturer hole patterns. 100% ADA compliant dispenser. Clario touch free and mechanical dispensers use the same refill, minimizing inventory and maintenance for facilities using both. 12.625" H x 6.25" W x 4.75" D.
printer GJO10453CT
Genuine Joe Foam Hand Sanitizer - 8 oz - Pump Bottle Dispenser - Kill Germs - Hand - Clear - Rich Lather - 24 / Carton

Foaming hand sanitizer kills 99.99 percent of the most common germs on the hands in 15 seconds. The foaming formula produces a rich soft lather that can easily be distributed around the hands and fingers. Sanitizer comes in a pump bottle for easy dispensing.

printer GOJ881103CT
Gojo ADX-12 Clear/Mild Handwash Refill - 42.3 fl oz (1250 mL) - Push Pump Dispenser - Hand, Skin - Clear - Moisturizing, Dye-free, Fragrance-free, Rich Lather, Eco-friendly - 3 / Carton

Spa-inspired, foam hand soap offers luxurious lather and is enriched with moisturizers and skin conditioners. Clear and Mild Handwash delights users while supporting a healthy environment. Bio-based, fragrance-free, dye-free formulation is green certified, USDA certified and EcoLogo certified. 1250 ml refill is designed for use in GOJO ADX-12 Manual Soap Dispensers. Patent-pending, controlled-collapse GOJO refill holds its shape as it empties for a more attractive appearance. Sanitary-sealed refill is made of durable, recyclable PET material, using 30 percent less plastic than rigid HDPE bottles. Removable pump makes recycling easy.

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