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printer GJO58333CT
Genuine Joe Non-para Toss Blocks - Non-para Deodorizer, Water Soluble, Acid-free - 144 / Carton - Blue

Non-para toss blocks feature a blue dye and water-soluble design. Built-in foaming action cleans and deodorizes with every flush. Toss blocks contain no para or acids.

printer IMP1170
Impact Products Baby Changing Table - Gray
  • conforms to ASTM requirements
  • meets ADA requirements when following proper mounting instructions
  • includes safety strap for security
  • smooth hidden hinges prevent pinch points
  • for use up to 100 pounds
  • built-in liner storage (1171 disposable liners keep changing area sanitary - sold separately)
  • liners are 100% recyclable, made of 3-ply biodegradeable paper
  • item ships complete with mounting hardware and instructions
printer IMP1460
Impact Products Regular Deodorizing Urinal Screen - Green Apple - Deodorizer - Gray "Perception is everything"... this couldn't be more true when it comes to cleaning and odor control. If the restroom doesn't smell clean, the customer won't perceive it as clean, and that can affect business right down to the bottom line. Impact is your "systems approach" to odor control, offering several products to combat odor problems. Patented deodorizing urinal screens have tapered drain holes to prevent splash back and elevated risers on the bottom for proper flushing action. A variety of fragrances in the 1400 & 1450 series urinal screens have built-in germ-fighting ingredients to help combat odors at their source.
  • one size fits most urinals
  • variety of fragrances and colors
  • built-in germ-fighting ingredients
printer IMP770
Impact Products Z-Drain Odor Control Devices - Fresh Blast - Odor Neutralizer - White
  • Drain device includes a block containing enzymes, fragrance and cleaners that eliminate gases and odors
  • Water poured down drain activates enzymes to break down built-up organics that cause odors and slow drains
  • Dissolves grease and eliminates fruit flies
  • Included screw and wing nut accommodates all types of drains
printer WTB383082TM
TimeMist E-Z Flush Retrofit Kit

Convert manual flush values on urinals and commodes into modern hands free fixtures. The E-Z Flush Retrofit Kit offers quick, easy installation. Works with most flush valves and comes complete with everything needed from tools to batteries. Angled face and sensor lens allows for user detection even with the toilet seat in the raised position. Increased impact strength to protect against vandalism. Switchable automatic 24 hour optional flush.

printer RCM25190487
RMC Sanor Breeze Eva Urinal Screen - Country Berry - Lasts upto 30 Day - Non-slip, Deodorizer - 10 / Carton - Mauve

Urinal screens are specially engineered and impregnated with deodorizing compounds that are 200 percent stronger than traditional, vinyl urinal screens. These air soluble replacements for para products are VOC-compliant in all 50 states. Extreme flexibility allows the urinal screen to fit snugly on any urinal and collect debris before it clogs up the drain. Design also offers a mixed berry fragrance, nonslip finish and anti-splash texture to prevent cross-contamination. Urinal screens are safe to handle and designed to last 30 days.

printer WTB383081TM01
TimeMist Touch-Less Control Faucet - Touch Less Operation - Battery Operated - Brass - Chrome

Touch-less control faucet features a sophisticated sensor with a self-adapting range and water-conserving aerator. ADA-compliant faucet is not affected by reflections or abnormal lighting. Design also features commercial, high-quality brass construction and can be used for retrofit and new construction. Battery powered sensor has three-year battery life based on 3,000 hand washings per month. Standard equipment includes four AA batteries, a 1.5 gpm vandal-resistant aerator and an inlet for a 1/2" (13) ball riser supply hose (not included).

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